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    what is it?

    A prime example of a multihull that has "ditched the rig" Good to see new and different thinking in regards to powering up multihulls.
  2. Billy Bob

    Team NYYC

    Structural loading and damage could have occurred early on in the speed build coming off the mark causing the foil to angle to change, causing the boat to be unstable. Just a guess. I have seen it happen on fast boats I have sailed on before including mine. TH would be one of the best sailors 99.9% of you would have the privilege of sailing with. The American boat has a hole in it just like American democracy. Both can be fixed but will take some time.
  3. Billy Bob

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Agree with the Craftsman vac. Had mine for 25 years. I replaced the motor once. Will suck a golf ball through a 40 ft garden hose :-) Since I live in New Zealand I have run mine on a transformer for the last 17 years. It is still the best vacuum (suction wise)I have used here and I am a builder that works with a lot of people that have "other vaccumes"
  4. Billy Bob

    A trimaran daysailer foraging boomers

    Mundt, Would you do a trade for 2 of 10?
  5. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    Thinking about removing the mast and putting outboards on NACRA 36. Also a nice ultralight cabin pod. Thoughts? Had the boat as a racing cat for 21years. Time to do something different. Tried to sell it but it wasn't worth anything as a sailboat.
  6. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    I got talked into a 90hp 4 stroke. by a yacht builder/designer mate of mine. I should be able to throttle way back and save burning much petol. I am just a few weeks off starting the build as the boat apparently isn't even worth what I paid for it (it has been for sale for a year). This is when it was pile of shit with only the hulls barely useable. This will be a different beast than a sailing cat. Certainly had a lot of fun with it over the last 20 years! What a machine it was as a sailboat. Thanks for sending link to the tornado powercat hannibalhouse. Thank you for the post above Mr Gibbs.
  7. Billy Bob

    Pure multihull porn -from the mythical front page

    A good surface look at a very well put together tri. I hope they continue to get competition there. I know it's hard when your the fastest boat around and the competition is miles behind. It eventually gets a little boring but it's awesome at the same time. Go the Merlot. I couldn't get past the Kyle Bush hat though! Keep up the good boat reviews. I like the segment.
  8. Good light air upwind test for everyone. The Leader came by here (Cape Rodney) at 3pm. 5.5 hrs into the race and only 30 miles into the race. SLOOOOW! A monohull was first to finish. First time in quite a while for that scenario..
  9. Billy Bob

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Round in the middle high on the ends. It's a beautiful world.
  10. Billy Bob

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    "WE'RE ALL DEVO" !!!!!
  11. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    Hard to believe that there are not any if any ultralight pod powercats for weekend cruising out there. Everything I see out there is way overbuilt with way too many doo dads, cabinets and other worthless shit mounted to them. Simple and light is the key! I am hoping that the weight of the pod/interior, deck and motor fixings will weigh less than all the sailing gear, tramps, winches, crossbeams, etc. If that is achievable a 60hp 4 stroke should move the 36 at a good clip very efficiently. Thanks for those nice videos of smaller cats, it gives me inspiration of what is possible when things are kept simple and light. I like to keep all the gear I take with me in plastic storage boxes so I can easily take it off the boat after every time out. Much like going camping. That really pairs down all the other shit you don't need. Keep it simple.
  12. Billy Bob

    Peel ply - unwaxed polyester resin

    You can buy resign was additive to add to the unwaxed resign. Cheap as chips! I have done it with gelcoat and laminating resign. It cures to a hard sandable surface.
  13. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    I know quite a bit about trim as I have had the boat as a racing catamaran for 21 years but point well taken. Fuel will probably be in center hull for the most part unless a long voyage is taken. Only one prop at this point and should be very well buried in the water.
  14. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    Good idea ! That will help stiffen the pod platform up as well.
  15. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    Attached are the top, side fore and aft renderings.
  16. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    Glad to see some test boats are out there for scaling. I have my concept just about sketched up. I'll try and post in the next couple days. The simpler I go the better it looks. I hope to get started by December/ January all going well. I'm right in the middle of finishing a 14ft hollow wooden SUP but I want to build hollow wooden 9ftr to fill out my quiver of surf vehicles.
  17. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    I am now pondering a single central mounted 60hp motor and a suspended center hull ( 1m wide) that just touches the water to give more headroom height with a lower cabin profile. Do you think the boat will still turn well with a single motor? Had to get rid of the head/shower to just a head but keeps the boat versatile with a pod that can be mounted for power catting and still be able to be a racing cat with minimal hardware removal. The goal is to have a fast, clean, efficient power cruiser. I like the look of the nacra. boat a above that looks like a jet ski. Was wondering if it turns like the titanic in wind and tide?
  18. Billy Bob

    Is elimination worth it? NZ

    I lived in California for 50 years. I have never felt so free as to now be living in New Zealand. Even with high taxes and a socialist government this is way better than living under a Trump administration. The covid19 response in the divided states has been embarrassing. When we lock down here we pretty much all pull in the same direction. It's been a team effort and it shows. I worry about catching the virus but my chances where I live are pretty low at the moment. I think the government here is doing pretty well navigating the difficult times. We can as of today start to travel again freely about the country. I like the boarders being somewhat shut down and the fewer people that know we exist the better in my opinion. Our tourism industry doesn't think so but it's a much better place to be living with no tourist. Retired in paradise.
  19. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    The beams location is pretty accurate (existing). Indicated by the circles at the shearline. As of now my thinking is the sole or floor will be 400mm above the water, maybe 450. That makes the cabin look not so high above the shearline and grotesque. The front beams will attach to the side of the pod. Back beam will bolt to the floor tray. I don't really plan to go out in rough weather. Very simple, light, aero pod shape with flat deck behind. The rocker in the floor up in the front will carry up to about 900mms above the water so should keep a lot of the spray down. Two plans above shows this configuration. My plan for outboards are 2-2stroke 30hp. Light and simple. Sides will be angled in. The object is to have a nice manageable, low running cost coastal cruiser for overnighting on a low budget.
  20. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    A few design concepts. Very rudimentary.
  21. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    With a flat bottom on the pod and a curve up in the front to keep the spray going down is going to be my call for my area. Most of the flat underpod will be at least 400mm above the water. I would like to have more clearance but esthetics wise with full headroom not very good looking on a low freeboard cat. The back beam 400 mms above the water as a sailing cat never really drug in the water even while healed over. It's all a bit of shot in the dark with outboards driving the sterns down evenly. I don't plan to go out in rough weather but the wind does blow here and the chop gets up a bit. Wind is usually offshore so not much swell just chop. A single outboard would be less maneuverable. On my size boat two makes more sense for me. I'm thinking about a small fin forward where the daggerboard cases are for directional stability.
  22. Billy Bob

    Ditch the rig

    I have similar idea as the R33 except a lightly built pod (think Santa Cruz boats type interior), standing headroom, head, galley on one side, large berth forward, seating along other side and a folding leaf table in the middle. Pod will be 3m wide x 4m long. Back deck area 3 m x 3m flat. Max beam about 4.5 m probably a bit smaller. Outboards on hulls. Pod will attach the same way as they do now but with short poles attached to the side of the pod. The pod will be detachable for trailering. Minimal systems electrical, plumbing etc. Very minimal. Nothing in hulls. Anchor prod forward. Shade on the deck. As simple as possible. Honey moon cruiser, surfing p!storm and light fishing boat. On the weekend I will post my rudimentary drawings when I can be fucked going on my desk top computer. Not a lot of this type configuration out there to glean ideas from. Chop chop as soon as I finish my new hollow wooden sup build.
  23. Billy Bob

    Rainmaker Spayed

    Non foiling racing catamaran are a hard sell for some reason. Probably because you go way to fast and get wet. The wife hates it. Especially now that we are over 65. Thought about keeping it set up for sailing and powercating both but why bother. Still need young'uns to help sail the fucking thing. The NACRA 36 should make for a very efficient, easily driven platform. With a 15hp outboard the boat motored at 8 to 10 kts in a chop and some wind. That's with the rig on and no sails up. There are not very many ultralight powercats to get ideas from out there. The Skota comes close and now Rainmaker. Interesting concepts for some of us that are thinking about ditching the mast.
  24. Billy Bob

    Rainmaker Spayed

    I have had a have a NACRA 36 that I'm getting to old to fULLY enjoy sailing amymore so it's sitting there in my front yard looking at me going what's next? . I have had it for 21 years. Tried selling it for the last year and a bit on this site and elsewhere. No takers for going ludicrous speed! It's been a great day sailor and a proven fast, first to finish tool. In the last 4 years in New Zealand we have raced it in 85 races, 82 of those first to finish honors in the last 4 years alone. That being said I have had the idea of converting it into a power cat for a long time barring not selling it. I'm not going to say how long as I have always had sailboat racing in the forefront of my thoughts. I have drawn up napkin plans and will keep the boat ultralight. Twin 30hp outboards and a comfortable 3 m x 5m cabin with full headroom, head/ light shower, Big bunk, small lightweight galley, table, seating along one side and a 2 x 3m aft deck. I think there is a few more years left in it for me although time is getting shorter to do the project. I love playing around with boats. Been doing it for nearly 50 years so it's one of the things I do for fun. Boats like Rainmaker give me inspiration to see what is possible when a change of mind occurs. Keeping it light is the key in my opinion for converting a light multi into a powercat. Next step barring no sailors interested POWER with no stings attached!
  25. Billy Bob

    OMG, the Ed and I

    Hard to believe we remember anything after the sessions in the back of Tug's trailer. Those were the days! Bro's for life mate Hope your keeping well. Always reminiscing about the Nard. Whaaat?