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  1. Rimas is an interesting fellow. Met him in Bellingham and then again on Aunu'u and Pago Pago in American Samoa. I kinda miss him and glad to hear he is well and grounded in Hawaii.
  2. How will the Seascape 18 do in PHRF? I understand that one has a provisional rating of 151.
  3. Is there still a solid Portland group?
  4. Very nice post. You really pulled a lots of things together.
  5. I'm learning so many things about Fiji in this thread. Who knew there would be for McDonald's restaurants?
  6. I went back and looked at the first post. Looks like Rimas began sometime around July 31-Aug 1 of 2013. His last ping: Rimas Jul 30, 20175:49:30 PM No response from fiji coast guard yet. My tilles broken no contrals for boat its dangerous current pushing unknoow strong gale was couple daays ago at night Speed: 1.87 mph Course: WSW Elevation: 21.00 ft. Batt: Normal Lat: -16.324075 Lon: -179.760703 Looks like about an even 4 years. I also thought
  7. And he thought that a US Coast Guard type of response was available everywhere.
  8. For me the possibilities are: 1. He is dead on Texas reef. or 2. Given the winds, current, and his lack of forward mobility, on his way to Japan. With his skills and survival equipment, he will be DOA at Tokyo.
  9. I'm a little discouraged today by all this. Jean has been MIA and I assumed that he was out sailing, cruising somewhere. Today I find out from a friend that Jean isn't out sailing, but out eclipse watching and yet no mention of concern for Rimas or efforts to find him. Really unbelievable, not a mention.
  10. Rimas really has become Schrödinger's cat as was described by someone else many posts ago. He is currently both alive and dead and will remain that way until observed.
  11. I think you are on point here. But I suspect it took a bit longer to get across the reef. I feel bad for him. I don't think he had a death wish. I'm glad I got to meet him.
  12. There is no way he is floating. If he was he would be on the Delorme.
  13. I agree, he was counting on USCG type of rescue and not available in Fiji. As for a better candidate, what a terrible thing to say. Kind of like the candidates in the LOST TV series.
  14. I think he is on the reef off Rabi Island. Lost the DeLorme in the crash and still awaiting rescue. I'm thinking if the Fiji authorities have him they would have let him get in touch with Jean and then Jean would have posted something on FB.
  15. Nope. Just a few well wishers hoping for news of his safe arrival.
  16. I think his lack of a ping today can only mean he's hit the bricks.
  17. I just copied his last coordinates into Google earth and it puts him on land in Fiji. Somethings up.
  18. There is no way out for him, he's going to ground one way or the other. Interesting to see how long he'll be able to stick around.
  19. Best guess for the next ping. 15°13'18"S 179°24'48"E
  20. Looks like WindTy is predicting favorable downwind for him on the 29th and the early part of the 30th.
  21. Since Rimus hasn't checked in yet and if the judges allow, I'm going to change my prediction to August 1 at 0600 he will run aground on the reefs outside of Natewa Bay.
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