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  1. I was there in March of 16 and talked to the Harbor Master.
  2. Pier Pressure was up for sale/auction (last I was in AS) as an abandoned vessel, lack of moorage payments. I don't know if it sold.
  3. I say that on Wednesday July 19, 5:00 pm local time, he'll call for a rescue from Pogo Pogo.
  4. No body paid him anything for Pier Pressure. I was just in Pogo and asked at the harbor master's office. They reported he left owing a big bill and are getting ready to auction the boat off to the highest bidder.
  5. I believe the drum was ripped off when the dinghy went overboard.
  6. If you want to contact Rimas by mail it is just his name and then General Delivery, American Samoa.
  7. I've seen Rimas. He's a nice enough fellow and I'm not about to dis his adventure. It is his trip, not mine. I don't think I would do it his way but right now I'm not doing it at all. I got here in 13 hr of flying! He know's that he has some work to do before he heads out again. I'd load a pic of Pago Pago but I don't see a link button for pics and internet is a tough thing to come by her in AS.
  8. It is actually not a bad day here in American Samoa. Rain bands coming through then sunshine, but the breeze on the feels good. As for being tied to the dock, I'm not so sure about that. There seems to be a lot of wave surge. Depending on the side of the dock you are on, your fenders take a beating or on the other side you need great mooring lines and serious chafe protection.
  9. I'm in for $20. What a guy! Just let me know how to get it to him.
  10. Here is the problem as I see it. http://www.i550.org/ http://i550na.org/ http://i550class.org/ http://open550.blogspot.com/ There seems to be 4 web sites in the US offering different visions of i550 and none of them seem to like anybody else. Why would anyone want to dip into this bucket of crap. Sorry but that just the way it is.
  11. I went back to the first page and re-read the introduction you made about this boat. I was wondering if you are still thinking in terms of a kit boat? I went back to the first page and re-read the introduction you made about this boat. I was wondering if you are still thinking in terms of a kit boat?
  12. This just in on the Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/23/reid-stowe-sailor_n_735684.html
  13. You're absolutely right - there is no middle road concerning Reid. Hmm... who else are/were like that? Who also had wildly loyal followers blinded by charisma and deranged irresponsible enthusiasm, willing to give their money away to a misrepresented and selfish cause? Rasputin. David Koresh. Jimmy Swaggart. Jim Bakker. Just a few of the names that come to mind. But I blame the media most. I blame Motorcycle!
  14. It would really suck if the thread ended before The Reidster. I would like to see some of the more famous posters stop by.
  15. BRILLIANT! Guy looks and sounds like Al Gore. Good Bad and Ugly. With a Uke player whistling. After all that, I had to go out and rent The G,B,and U. So tonight is popcorn and a movie with the family and Clint.
  16. Are you fucking kidding? At 1:30, those fuckers rock!!!! Mike - Hat's going out this weekend. I'll send you a list of availables. RW - hat to you as well. I can send it to your attorney's office. CScow, Stolat, JP, anyone else? I got a heard of hats what needs thinning. Send me an address........and fuck that guitar guy on the far right, I thought it was a Uke thing. Ha! I'll have you know that is a BASS UKELELE! I'm now up to 126 viewings and accepting no fn hats plz! CASH donations for my vision of promoting global peace and the enlightenment of mankind through ukeleles .....
  17. Just when I think the weirdness is over and the Reidster will drift on home something like this pops up. You just can't make it up! Just the kind of article Sonya wants to be in with the little fella, ya right.
  18. Bump I sure wish the Reidmiester would bump his way down south. I'm not sure I can take another year waiting for good weather if he misses the S H summer.
  19. Bumpity bump and what the hell is this doing on page 2 and where is MC?
  20. Looks like NASA and the Reidster are both looking for the same thing! http://news.cnet.com/8301-11386_3-10003933-76.html
  21. WOW! Nice, very nice. Thanks for putting it all together in one place. But now how about a pic of of old Soy's current size and shape?
  22. What is this doing on page two!!!!!!! Come on, get with it, where is my entertainment!!!
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