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  1. A couple of simple questions for you guys in the know about what's legal and what's not when you have a web site. Did 1000 days actually violate the law by not telling folks they were collecting private information? If they did, what is the penalty? Dog, perhaps you know?
  2. I've done some single handed sailing on a boat that could use more. I've never trailed a float behind me to catch should I go over. I figure that if I go, well I deserve what comes. Of course I might think different when I'm in the water watching my beauty sail away! Rarely use a life jacket for the same reason except at night and then only when I'm with others. I'm most likely sailing stupid. The principle I don't violate is one hand for me and one hand for the boat and in rough weather I tether short. It has served me well. As for aseawolf, I figure all are welcome to this campfir
  3. No! Please say it ain't so zone!! Just who are those rat bastards? Go on now, name em.
  4. Nice work RD, keep at it and get the one on one interview with Soy! I know you can do it. D
  5. RD I have a request for you. Would you please contact Soy Sauce and get a real interview worthy of SA. I've been thinking about her silence and it seems weird in a void sort of way. I know I can't do it cause I'm way far away and you seem to be able to drop into NY fairly easily. Call her up and make a date for some real facts from her vantage point. Heck, tell her it is for SA. Anyway, I hope you consider doing it, after all you did go to the party. Donovan
  6. I agree with you Red, I really expected soy sauce to be out on the net talking about Weed. Of course I didn't expect her here but at least on the 1000 days it seems she would have a regular blog. I guess she is voting with her feet and staying away. edit: I actually did see a moon bow once!
  7. Thanks Gov, for a great video and for not posting the void! Have you guys seen the latest bondo tracks? He's making a circle now. Maybe the wheel is tied off?
  8. Hey, just trying to get us back on track, don't be so sensitive.
  9. O.K. That train is a rolling and we're back on track. I think you guys are all just jealous of old weedy and wish you were out there as well. Come on, I bet you'll feel better just getting that old jealously out and saying "I wish I was weed" Don't worry I won't tell anyone who you are just confess all to Father D here on Keaster weekend. The confessional is now open.
  10. Why would WAB delete his posts? Seems like most were copied into responses so their not going away, can't hid em. I for one am interested in the honest replies of the MC to the questions. Since Sauce has left the boat, I find that I am actually more interested in the actual void ho voyage. It is a bondo boat with torn sails and mostly drifting but it seems he has some minimal control over direction. I assume he is doing what he wants to do which is actually what most of us want isn't it? Ya, he probably scammed folks to get there, not good and I would sure like to hear the tale from the
  11. After all these pages I missed it!!! Can't believe I missed the photo from the rat whataboutbobby bastard. It was not unexpected as RD showed up to the party in NY. Of course, they needn't have let him in because he didn't try and hid the fact that he was the RD, but it did bring a new page to this saga. Clean, did you do the cleaning? Fess up.
  12. Oh wow man! Just cosmic absolutely comic.
  13. RD, since your into sleuthing, is there a web site that would show Reidster's ex's art?
  14. Where was customs if the POS was inside the 12 mile limit?
  15. I didn't realize that this was the situation with her parents. The ache and fear they must have about her decision is most likely huge. As a father, I really felt some pity for her when I heard that young voice of hers a few days ago. I went to the 1000 Day blog today and they have her voice set to come on when you enter. I had to leave right away! I guess I'm having my own little pity party for her and I don't even know her! Oh well, sometimes you just can't help it. It just seems wrong to have taken someone young and stupid on a boat so ill prepared.
  16. For me the one good thing about todays post was hearing Soysauce's voice. Although she sounds like a child at least she is alive. I was actually becoming a little concerned that Weed had either tossed her, she slipped over or was incapacitated because of dehydration.
  17. WOW!! This is really something. I'm trying to catch up with the flow and on the last page click this . .(don't go there) . . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwy7vFQHnRs and I've seen stuff that I never knew existed. When I make it back to the reality of Anarchy,such as it is, it's a regular dung fest. But, and this is important, does anyone know where Frank is? Anyway, I'm glad R&S are out there. Of course they could have been better prepared but then this thought crossed my mind, that perhaps R is actually Satan and can control the weather and the SEA (But then what's the SEA got
  18. Are you able to go back in time with the company and retrieve the information from when they left NY? We do know they left NY and should then have shown up with these guys.
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