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  1. No deep resentment of outsiders at all, but a frustration with those who come from outside and act like this ..
  2. Any one know the inside story to this clusterfuck? https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/210916DecisionofIndependentAppealsPanelMJvROC-[27582].pdf It looks like the other boat originally involved in the collision must have been either Jiyuu, Moonshadow or Groove as they were the only boats to retire according to the results: https://dssinc-results.org/results/2019/summer/CCWinter20/02RGrp1.htm?ty=98132 We were racing in the same fleet as Jiyuu and I can't recall a collision. Are the original protest details and RYCT inquiry details available anywhere to read? Se
  3. Any coincidence that the website used to create the Matt Allen video is now offline? Unless it's just my dodgy locked down Far South Tasmania ADSL. https://www.captiongenerator.com/make-a-hitler-reacts-video
  4. I know that this wasn't exactly the point that Octopissy was trying to make ...
  5. Sorry Mrs Octopus. I declined the offer to sail in the St Helena Cup today and flew home to Tassie instead. The mere thought of being anywhere near your tentacles was disturbing.
  6. All 100 schools. http://worldeduweek.org/programme/
  7. The five Australian schools. Not sure which one was subbed in for the TAS one.
  8. Considering Mark Hipgrave's request for assistance I reckon that @Livia should consider some pro bono work. I've been seriously fucked over by jealous and pretentious pricks in my profession on the basis of pure spite and jealousy. But, fuck me, this situation is about a sport, with no money to win or lose, let alone any prestige that anyone in the real world values. I reckon that AS is the type of cancerous organisation that if Hipgrave won a 2-handed world championship they wouldn't even acknowledge it. This week is World Education Week celebrated by the Global School Showcase
  9. There you go again with your condescension. I rest my case. Amusingly admirable. I might put that on my headstone. Taswegians? Does anyone actually say that?
  10. And how many of those thousands of interstate visitors who are lured down here by the Summer Festival featuring the Rolex Sydney to Hobart are disillusioned every year when the competing yachts finish one day, swap the race crew for the delivery crew, and leave the next day. The boats spend fuck all in TAS. Beer for one night. Accomm for one night. Fuel and food for the delivery home. Think back to your 1981 5 day ordeal. How would you feel if while still racing you passed half the fleet motoring or cruising back to Sydney before you had finished. As @Livia said, Tasmanian entr
  11. It's your arrogance that presumes that those "pissed fuckwits" were deliberately trying to fuck you over. Face it, in any other race in Australia, not matter what hour of the day, no one would have given one tenth of a rat's arse about a yacht sailing close to shore at night. What could they see? A green starboard light? No mate, those people were there because they knew you were participating in the S2H and and were celebrating your performance. If you don't want any member of the public to have any interest in a sailing event that you are competing in then don't enter the S2H. It's the
  12. Those "morons" were local residents congratulating you on your performance and welcoming you to their city and island state. The S2H still has the biggest welcome to finishers than any other ocean race in Australia. Every boat is personally congratulated and welcomed over the PA on the waterfront and every boat is applauded by the crowd but to you those people are morons? I haven't had as many beers as I had when I commented on Scarecrow's post last night so I won't be so abusive but the anger is just the same.
  13. Fuck you. If you don't give a shit why do you even bother trying to be the fastest cunt to sail here? We've got a vaccination rate that a few days ago was better than Sydney's, until Scotty from Marketing miraculously found all these new doses to send to his home town just before he miraculously was allowed to fly home to visit his family. Happy Father's Day to Sydney. A big fuck you to the rest of the country. @Livia had the right suggestion. Sail south from Sydney, round Petra Branca, or the Hippolytes if you don't have the balls, and fuck off back to Sydney. You cunts pretty much fly o
  14. I know in TAS that motor boat operators don't realise that overtaking sailing vessels have to give way to them and continually turn into your path when you're trying to avoid them at 17 knots under kite. But maybe he was a blow-in from NSW where the rules are different?
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