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  1. I think truly competitive keel boat racing in Hobart is doomed by the demographics. Almost 60% are over 60 years old.
  2. Having just that read the article in the Australian I can say that while Hipgrave comes out as the underdog the paper also paints MA as an entitled, thin-skinned, self-centred knob.
  3. Look, I must admit that regrettably English is my first language, so unfortunately I am struggling to comprehend exactly what this means, except, "How would I have briefed them for an action I'm not taking." Lawyer's words Mr Sparrow. And if you brief other legal practitioners in Eagle Street (and you said you met with them) then that means you are a solicitor and not barrister (letting the Committee Chairperson off the hook). So which practicing mentally unhinged solicitor, who is a member of RQYS, and has known LB for 40 years are you? TIME OUT: @Editor 3 threads have gon
  4. And in SailGP the skipper for Team USA is an Australian and the skipper for Team Japan is an Australian and the wing trimmer for Team GB is an Australian, and ...
  5. Bullshit. How are AS doing this so called inspiration except by inspiring so many people to give up sailing because of their RRS46 scam that those of us left have no choice but to look at short-handed options? Unless that was your point.
  6. I haven't listened to this yet but it's bound to be of interest to this thread. https://www.buzzsprout.com/392416/8224361-bar-karate-the-sailing-podcast-ep99-mark-roberts-etchells-discussion
  7. And therein you have just displayed all the characteristics of psychopathic narcissist disorder. The question that the thread postulated has been answered in the affirmative.
  8. It's ACMA actually. https://www.acma.gov.au/
  9. Author??? Fuck me, they must have paid the editor millions to get that UK Rules Book to publishable copy.
  10. Nothing on our favourite QLD yacht club's website. You'll have to provide more details @Livia
  11. I've been on Windeward Bound with Sarah. Her commitment is outstanding. My last two no nonsense Coxswains trainers with thousands of sea miles, power driven, tall ship and superyacht experience behind them have endorsed her whole heartedly. But, in this age of PC talk, on SA for fuck's sake, is no one prepared to even see the irony in her comment? "Every time we go to sea with a new bunch of kids, we come back with a completely different bunch of kids in the same bodies — that's what drives me," she said.
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