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  1. Haji


    All are welcome here. Nostalgia ties us all together.
  2. Haji


    Beats me, but I'm checking with the Sailing Anarchy grand poobah. Will report back.
  3. Haji


    It was a great collection of memories. Can't make that stuff up. Even if the years jumble things up a bit.
  4. Haji


    Rosalea wants to know if you're talking about her, or the boat .;-)
  5. Haji


    Nothing to be ashamed of! Please post the memories back up, if not uncomfortable for you, of course.
  6. Haji


    Wow, does Pretty Penny look good. Paul Bogataj did the shape in that screenshot. He did AC foils back in the IACC days. He also did the foils & bulb on Ocean Planet. Neil Racicot (formerly at Betts) has been pitching in as well. Will be talking with Ted Van Dusen and Larry Tuttle about building the rudder shaft, and I'll build the blade myself onto said shaft. However, for one stop design and engineering, I'd also recommend talking to Paul Beiker. We works a lot with Betts and they do some amazing stuff together. That's what I'd do if I had the $.
  7. Haji


    It would be awesome if Improbable could race Sydney Hobart again! However getting all the work done and the boat to OZ is a financial challenge far beyond my means. Making a Transpac or a PacCup in 3yrs will be tough enough.
  8. Haji


    I wish I could afford to build the design by Paul Bogataj. But such a thin high aspect ratio blade requires expensive engineering, tooling, and a narrow rectangular shaft, etc. But we'll get as close as we can using a 3" round carbon shaft. The blade will have to be thicker, but that's not too big a compromise. It will still be SO much better and lighter and easier steering than before.
  9. Haji


    It's all good. There is a gravity field around Improbable, that has changed the trajectory of many lives. Your memories are a good example. There are many, many others affected; you're not alone. And I didn't just mean ex girlfriends...;-) Btw, Dora is from Costa Rica. Her devotion to my dad was astounding, she helped to look after him to the day he died.
  10. Haji


    Hopefully the orcas will like something like this...
  11. Haji


    Thanks! There's a long ways to go...but that's good to know.
  12. Haji


    Red topsides for sure.
  13. Ahoy Skip, someone who just recently stumbled across the Improbable thread has asked me if you've written a book.  I was an embarrassed to say that I didn't know.  Have you?  I'm one of the many who would buy one if you did!


  14. Haji


    ?? Over my head...
  15. Haji


    Ok folks, here's a video intro to the Improbable story, and a new website is coming soon. Sleddog, I hope you don't mind me taking license...;-)
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