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  1. Looks like you hit the main J issues. The only other major concern is the balsa core material. May or may not be a big concern depending on size and location of any wet core. Have not owned the 40 but raced on one a few times. I liked the boat and interior lay out. Good all around boat in my opinion.
  2. Gotta Go, the Finn is a great boat and so much more than the Olympics. Most people that sail the Finn have no intention of ever going the Olympic route. I am north of 200 and have a Finn and Laser. Sail both regularly. But preference is the Finn. Looks like you are out of Connecticut. You will have to work hard to get Finns out in that area. The Laser might be a better option if one design racing is what you are looking for.
  3. I have 2 PFDs that I like and they are very different. Stohlquist - really like this one but a little bulky for dinghies. Ultra adjustable and once set up it does not move. Because of all the adjustment points there are more chances of getting snagged on rigging and lines. But if needed in a life threatening situation, this would be my preference. Zhik - I use this one most of the time on dinghies. Very thin and almost nothing to get caught on rigging or lines. Some models are listed as flotation aids and not USCG certified. IMHO, Zhik is probably the most popular in dinghy racing.
  4. I bought a heavy duty sewing machine maybe 20 years ago from a canvas maker that was closing and going cruising. Best investment in sailing gear ever. It has outlasted many boats and paid for itself so many times over.
  5. Just buy a Finn you won’t be disappointed with the boat sailing in SF except if you want to race. Competition and race opportunities are plentiful but all in southern CA. I had my Finn in SF for several years and the conditions are excellent for this boat.
  6. Get in touch with Rodney Cobb at Suntouched Sailboats. He can fill you in on everything you would ever want to know about Finn sailing in the UK. I believe his shop is closed at the moment, like most of sailing. But bet he is answering emails and he posts on Facebook everyday.
  7. 320 lbs? I thought the weight was 236 lbs, still a very heavy boat for this size. But they also stay competitive much longer at the highest levels compared to other lighter boats.
  8. I have a sock built by North Sails Canvas. Really good quality and easy to install. Definitely get and use the cinching lines. They keep the canvas tight and prevent strong winds from ripping it apart. As long as you take even a little care taking it down the cinch lines are not an issue. I would just roll it up as the sack comes down and never had a problem with the line tangling.
  9. Amazing and well done!!! I saw him leave San Diego only wish I could have been there today.
  10. Where are you located and how far are you willing to travel?
  11. I had a boat once with balsa cored deck The prior owner attempted a fix like the above photo. It was a small area, maybe a 1' diameter circle. He drilled about 8 holes and filled with epoxy. Not sure what type or if any drying involved. The deck was rock solid in the area of the repair. But a hairline crack developed around the exterior of the repair. It was in a high traffic area on the deck. I always assumed it was from the different core materials. The epoxy was solid and the balsa might flex a little.
  12. I had a Henderson (don't remember the model) but whale parts worked with no issues.
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