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  1. Hi Lydia I'm not surprised, the original idea was it was to be shared by SYC, RQ and Sunshine Coast YC, so once every 3 years. After SCYC put in the application to AS rep Leslie last year for this year, SCYC was blindsided when it went to SYC. So now It's SYC RQ SCYC RQ[again] SYC RQ[again] SCYC and so on, RQ every other year, that is unless the elite change it again???
  2. Hi Lydia I cant explain, it's very confusing, and as per the other thread why only Div 1? [ of course we know the answer to that!!) It's very blatant and sad for Aus sailing imho. I'm guessing standintheway is at it again
  3. Hi Rush yep keelers bring a couple of beers
  4. Hi Rushman Sunshine Coast Yacht Club 33 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba 0438 979 946 will be running a non point score race on Sunday generally a mid teens mile course race around shipping buoys and/or the island just south of Twin waters. Start 12:30. We have a pretty small fleet [like a lot of regional clubs} made up of mixed monos and multis, looks like a nice day. I suggest you call a couple of hours before. Cheers Grogo
  5. Both Incredible D54 And Liquidator D65 both for sale here in Mooloolaba, great for Gosford Sailing Club's upcoming !/2 Ton Champs. No need for an ad, not my boats!
  6. Also most boats would have different sails on board for Hobart as opposed to a regatta And of course AIS will be switched on !!!!! AS should be ashamed, another stake in the heart of the sport we love. Bureaucratic madness
  7. And the famous Joe English trimming genoa, what a sailor and what a guy, now doing the big yacht race upstairs
  8. Any Anarchists at the yacht club waiting on the result?
  9. I'm not enforcing or endorsing anything., I was just stating a fact. Sheech ...
  10. Yes it worked all right. I was picking them up on my dads boat and passing their comms onto the Mother ship on guess what? Yep a Codan
  11. The Big Ichi_ Winning Appliances. John W or??Son?
  12. I did the 1972 World One Ton Cup in Sydney on Dark Stain. Jock Sturrock, Skipper and all the Melbourne heavies. At that time those old S&S boats could sure go upwind. I guess Spiesie is chasing the age allowance dream..will it work? weather dependent Im guessing.
  13. Backfire of Bunburry did either the 68,69 or 70 Hobart. Scotty McCallister's father owned it
  14. Hi Last Post your post about rigar shocked me ! How did he go? fukin terrible Yes he was/is a great man/bird We got married in his parents backyard FUK! Have one for me at the bar upstairs Budgie Grogo
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