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  1. Our top class is the E scow. I'm confident that our E fleet will benefit from a smaller boat that is exciting to sail. Were seeing younger members in their 20's buying M15's as its affordable and doesnt require a ton of tuning or the boat work that a 2nd hand E scow would to get started. Were hoping as younger sailors get involved in the M15 we'll see them transition into the E fleet as time and income allows.
  2. It was revised to 90.3 after racing against M14's and MC Scows at union sailing club in CO. Melges has delivered 100+ boats so there should be a lot more results as this season gets started.
  3. I know very little about handicap racing but im a big fan of the M15. There is a boat sailing in a mixed fleet and he got a provisional rating at 91 light and 86 when breezy for the Melges 15. Not sure how that worked out. Encourage your owner to let people sail the boat and he will have a fleet in no time flat. The boats are great! We went from our initial 6 boats last july to 15 boats in 1 year.
  4. Fretz

    Roof rack?

    There haven't been updates to the facebook page for some time and they haven't responded to email.
  5. Fretz

    Roof rack?

    exactly. Back to my initial post with the Hull Heaver. the trailer is 7'wide and 7 1/2'tall and 2200 lbs before the boats go in. the boat is 5 1/2'wide and 230 lbs. Stability isn't a concern. if a laser is 130lbs this should work if it was a bit wider/stronger. At a minimum we would have 2 people. Im not trying for solo here.
  6. Fretz

    Roof rack?

    We currently have a box trailer with 3 boats inside and I'd like to put a 4th on the roof. More importantly id like to be able to do it without moving the trailer to a hoist as that requires time that might not exist on the last day of the event when there are people trying to get out of town. Using U-ship to move the trailer and flying in means we don't have a means to move the trailer on site either.
  7. the awlcraft came highly recommended We did the job outside with great results. The only major scratches in 6 years were from the mooring line hooks. Its rubbed on floating docks without fenders and you can barely see the scratches Id like to get a load of oyster shells the next time we need to top dress the driveway. add a little color
  8. I used a gray primer under AwlCraft S&S about 6 years ago on a powerboat. Its holding up great. The boat is in the water and used for 5 months a year. It does fit inside over the winter which helps with fading. I really like that it appears to be different based on sunlight angle or water clarity. The hull is fairly flat with a sizable rubrail. In the water it is shaded most of the time and more gray. It probably looks best in the driveway where white clamshells reflect and really brings out the blue. We get compliments all the time on the color.
  9. Fretz

    Roof rack?

    I remember a video with a guy loading a boat solo posted awhile back. I think it was a fin or something larger than a laser but i cant find it.
  10. Fretz

    Roof rack?

    I can reinforce the trailer roof. I agree that it may be a bit much for a van/suv. Ive considered what you shared but thats 125lbs and would need to be removed when not in use. A low profile mini davit would be neat but i could buy another boat for the cost of one of those. Here is another one. Just need to add a few eyebolts to the hull;-)
  11. Does anyone have experience with this product? Does something similar exist if this is no longer available? Were looking to get a 230 lb hull on top of a box trailer or SUV without using a crane or 4 people. Thanks
  12. Look at what is already raced locally and see if anything looks tame enough for sailing for fun with the family. If it doesn't exist consider something different. We were in a similar position last year. The racing classes were either too intense for fun sails or spouse/kid friendly but boring for a racer. There was nothing in the middle. We bought Melges 15's as they looked fun and easy to manage. There were 5 of us on the initial order in July of 20. We will start the summer season with 12 of them at our club and another 7 within an hours drive. The boats are both fun to race an
  13. We have had boats since July and are up to 10 at our club in NJ. the weight range is all over the place. A light crew hiking hard can stick with a larger one in heavy air. Light air is just a challenge no matter your weight. Were using the boats to get non boat owners to make the jump into something they see as fun and accessible. Defining an ideal weight would too early will exclude people who are looking for something new. While I look forward to traveling to regattas 2/3rds of the owners will just sail them locally and be fine with that. Were hoping to keep the club racing as in
  14. We've been discussing bags. Something to hold a water bottle or 2 and a radio at the mast would be awesome.
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