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  1. If the emphasis is on getting more people out having fun I'd call it grass roots. If you duck to let a boat cross on port because your excited to see a new boat out its probably grass roots. If you are protesting your buddy as you're in contention for the club championship its probably not grass roots anymore. Access to the water is expensive in the US. Owning a home near the water even more so. Focusing on cheap old boats might be misguided. We need to make it easy for people to enjoy the game before subjecting them to the reality of boat maintenance and upkeep. Same with the r
  2. This weekend we held our fall regatta for the M15 in NJ. Forecast was a little brisk. Our only sailable day was going to be Saturday with a full NE'er blowing all weekend long. Saturday dawned with more wind than forecasted. 12 boats ventured out in 20-25 and hoped for the best. The steep chop was a bigger problem than the wind as the boats were often going over one wave and through the next both upwind and down. There were more capsizes in 4 races than we have seen in 2 seasons of club racing. 75% of the fleet went swimming with some going over several times. Needless to say a l
  3. Did you sail in the NJ regatta?
  4. I need to make a rack that holds 4 lasers in a single car garage. what's a safe height and width that will hold a single boat with a few inches to spare? Thanks
  5. I sailed an M16 solo with the jib and never had an issue. Id set up a continuous Jib sheet so your not reaching for the new sheet every tack.
  6. The mariner was the class that got me back into racing after a long hiatus. There was a local fleet that was a mixture of young and thrifty to old and tired. Everyone could compete equally which was fun. It was a comfortable boat to sail that went to windward beautifully and shared the hull of the rhodes 19. Always thought the Rhodes 19 looked better with the lower cuddy. I enjoy the challenge of faster more complex classes but the rhodes 19 is a boat that i still admire. If i ever find myself lacking a project i would like to set one up to simply sail with out the demands of racing.
  7. my current halyards are Dynema with a loop that goes on an adjustable hook when the sails are at full hoist. the feeder line is tied on with a bowline for the bowline to fit through the mast base the feeder line is really small. Is there a braided line that i can splice like the dynema that isn't as slippery? it doesn't need to be strong but id like to connect 2 eye splices so it runs through the sheaves. I might connect the halyards with one continuous feeder line to prevent the birds nest of halyard tails at the end of the day too. looking for 3mm thanks!
  8. the tourists are gone but the sailing is still amazing. August is essentially over so there is that too;-) We are hosting a regatta in October so the boats will stay rigged and ready until then.
  9. I had a vector years ago. I'm certain that it was fun to race one design but for day sailing and having fun the boat was a handful. I bought it as a 2 handed option to sail with my spin trimmer for a larger a-sail boat. it was fast and fun but the effort required to sail it was a bit much. I looked at tasers and V15's before settling on the Melges 15 as we really wanted a spinnaker. Id imagine that used boats will start to be available come spring. If you are in Baltimore you should take a drive up to NJ in September and give one a try.
  10. Of the 18 entries in the M15 fleet at the Down Bay Regatta in NJ... 8 were family boats husband/wife or parent/child 3 were full Jr sailors teams 4 drivers were Jr sailors There were 3 female drivers and 5 female crew. 5 of the top 10 finishers has a woman on board. 2 of the top 5 boats had female skippers. Full Results https://yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=14699 link to photos https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/8aMqcPf1Qcajx6kTdE5UVA.NI5AvhcdWo-_5vVdrc0XCH?fbclid=IwAR17Bva1OHl5QM8B-UQgU
  11. the seascape 14 announcement in 2017 looked compelling and really got me thinking about what a 3 sail 2 person class could be where I sail. 3 years later there was still nothing concrete for the US. I had considered a lot of legacy designs that were far from exciting but really wanted an A sail that wasn't intimidating for the average club sailor. The 14 still looks great and I'm sure its a blast. Melges announced the 15 last spring and I was unloading a trailer with 6 boats 9 weeks later. That was good enough to get people to write checks and were still having fun with more on the wa
  12. This was a fun day. it was blowing 20+ so our usual racing was canceled which was the right call. A few of us decided to go out anyway. While the wind wasn't an issue the waves were a challenge. On 8/14-15 we host the Down Bay regatta and should see 18 M15's on the line. If you are in NJ and curious about the boats that would be a good one to check out.
  13. Some video from the M15 racing in Beach Haven NJ. Yesterdays skippers ran from age 12 to 60+. Several parent child and husband wife combos. Top speed was 18 with some nice rides holding at 15+. Wind was holding at 15 with some nice long duration puffs approaching 20. The boat continues to impress all who sail it especially when the breeze is up. Were keeping the races short at about 15-20 minutes as this keeps the finishes tight and the last place boat doesn't feel out of touch with the leaders. Yesterday we completed 5 races over about 2 hours 30 min from dock to dock. We have
  14. I have been asking local clubs to review their membership past and present. I'd like to specifically target those ex jr program sailors who are now working and have not come back to the waterfront. That info is guarded closely so its been a slow road. Even within my own club we don't necessarily track that info. If the parents are active members but the kids haven't committed to coming back were hoping the M15 could be the fun they didn't know they were looking for. I've made countless offers to bring a boat and run demos locally and the response rate is surprisingly low. The fea
  15. Ive sailed single handed with main only and its fine at 12-15. I've flown the chute solo and its fun but a bit of a handful when the wind is up at 15. Double handed the boats really shine at 15+. Last I heard Melges has sold north of 200 boats. Were racing them 2 up and they are tons of fun. If you are anywhere near the New Jersey shore you can come take my boat for a sail and draw your own conclusions.
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