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  1. Huge rating hit.. as for bigger main.. I dont think thats in the cards. If anything is next it is underbody work. (keel /rudder) The hull weight of an E22 is really close to a melges. Its just the freaking huge amount of lead that it drags around that makes it heavy.
  2. Stock rig.. stock main sail size.. Double spreaders added to the stick as it was to bendy and we .. umm... folded one over to about 45 degrees. Upwind lee helm.. really fun. .takes some time to get used to as now in light stuff you can round down.
  3. Its sailing.. lots to learn as its missing 2nd gear.. but doing well. Seems to plane in above 15 with the mast head A kite. Goes upwind like a freight train. Struggles DDW... the transition for the new kite and DDW angles are still a work in progress..
  4. Is that not all BS boats from one week onwards.. Rust stains.. confused.
  5. Ok.. so today we had a very great day.. but we had a small misshap.. One of the spreaders (port) broke, after examination, its been fatigued and had a small crack from a long time ago,, We were quite lucky to keep the mast up. We did finish the race, but were of course last. Anyway I am in need of at least a Port spreader, but would prefer a set and the spreader/mast fittings. So Help.... PM me if you have any parts. the next race is coming Thanks Oceaneer
  6. So we finally got the new main.. and wow what a difference. The boat actually goes in light wind now!!! So the boat now only needs to point in the right direction, I think you cannot buy that! lol Oceaneer
  7. wow thats is pretty... Great job. for upwind, do you use the stock etchells jib,,, or??
  8. yup... wow I am not worthy..
  9. Yes rated NFS, and the O30 is a great boat. Also, the owner is great. We are deep into figuring out what the Etchells likes and does not like. Our first 2 races were stock configuration with 0 wind, painful. The small jib was hopeless as the fleet sailed away. Also the old main really did not help. Last one we sailed was great, more wind, lots of shifts. We made one really stupid tactical call and got stuck in the current. But after that one I am more hopeful. Reaching with the big masthead assmy is just too much fun. We will see what the other new sails do next w
  10. then you should buy one and do it.. lots for sale for cheap. Go for it!
  11. Wow.. who pissed in your corn flakes? I hope your day got better from here. Of course its going to heel more, it has more sail area.. But I dont get why you are so down on this, it was an old etchells, pretty end of life, it was never going to race one design again. And it was pretty boring to sail in stock configuration in the light winds we have. So whats the problem?? Anyway at least have a great night... Oceaneer
  12. Lol... Yes we have 2 Melges 24 kites, one reacher and a runner... The boat is really fun with the kite up, not so manoeuvrable, and we have had some very exciting round ups, but hey this is supposed to be fun right??
  13. doubt it... and we have made some shape changes. But have a great day.
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