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  1. The IOC seems pretty clear in material posted elsewhere that it does not want the offshore two hander, because of athlete security and TV coverage difficulties. They also seem to want a well established event. My prediction is they end up with men and women's 470s, and not a bad result if they do.
  2. Have the costs spiralled? I'm not at all sure they have. Current LPE prices just reflect the 'shall we politely say aggressive discounting' that dates back to when they started their war with the CA. That discounting only ever applied to unregistered boats. I'm not sure that the current prices are much out of line with what LPE were charging for International Lasers when they were still selling them. So its ironic that this heavy discounting only exists because of the war with the CA that ended up with FRAND and opening the class to multiple builders.
  3. And the undead court case has risen from the grave again... the everlasting court case seems to be back on with recent court documents including notice of appeal, cross appeal and motion to quash. Does your legal system in the US ever finalise anything other than lawyers' paydays?
  4. If you need finer adjustment than 8 hole plates wouldn't it just be simpler to use these? https://www.allenbrothers.co.uk/product/a4272-vernier-adjuster/
  5. The FIFY thing drives me crazy and is a terrible concept. If you disagree with what I say or wish I'd said something different write your own b******y words, don't misquote me. There's enough fake news, lies and distortion on the net already without putting forged words in other peoples mouths and calling it humour. And yes, I'm well aware that some **** is going to do exactly the same to this post. Congratulations sunshine, you've demonstrated you have the mental outlook of a nine year old.
  6. I imagine there's a need to take a good look at the state of the canal bank and see if any rectification is required.
  7. I think the two highest upcoming tides are Tuesday midnight and Wednesday 1 am EET, so if they can't shift it then its going to be a long haul.
  8. Just require a World sailing issued plaque.
  9. As noted above most club opens and regional events are part of traveller series, UKLA sanctioned and not open to replica sails. Its hardly likely they'll be open to replica boats.
  10. Big assumption. The company currently building uninternational Lasers is not the company that lost the court case.
  11. Lasers aren't measured. They are warranted by the builder, hence the inspection regime that Laser Performance decided not to continue with. Even if the boat could be demonstrated to measure it would still not be a legal International (Laser). See the Etchells mess for a similar can of worms. My little club's opens are not qualifiers but are still ILCA sanctioned events, and we have to turn away anyone who attends with replica sails (or lend them one). ILCA sanction extends much further than just the big qualifiers, every event included in one of the regional traveller series requires lega
  12. You are exceedingly unlikely to be eligible for any open events run under the UKLA banner, which is nearly all of them, so lets hope if this is real you don't regret it.
  13. I think I'd stay clear of anything too clever. Basics first, if a blade isn't smooth and fair its not going to be great for anything, and as soon as you have lumps in the leading edge its going to be a bitch to fair. Its got to at least treble the amount of effort in building the blade. Also they look like super weed catchers... And broads sailing means a lot of time down speed and out of efficient range. Often these things work well in a limited range, but badly outside of it. The tubercles give you a drag penalty but an increased stalling angle, but then a lower aspect blade also gives you i
  14. You're not wrong, but that's perhaps overstated. There are builders in MMOD classes who do take a direct part in promotion, partly because if the pie gets bigger the slice gets bigger, and partly because its a way of promoting your company within the class over your competitors. And the boot may also be on the other foot, since the CA will not want to be seen to be excessively favouring one builder over the others. But yes, WS forcing the Laser class to go MMOD does inevitably make for an increase in the responsibilities of the CA. Traditionally the Laser has been a class where the builder tak
  15. I think you'll find that a royalty or any other payment to a third party which is included in the headline sale price is not a hidden fee. AIUI a hidden fee is an extra charge that is not included in the sale price.
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