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  1. Its just that I have little more confidence in the accuracy of a reality TV program than I have in the accuracy of a LP press release... Everything is done in the knowledge the cameras are present, and edited afterwards.
  2. Don't forget this is a reality show, so don't assume anything you see is necessarily accurate!
  3. Too old school mate, to be fashionable these days you should be doing your lawn in windward leewards, not round the edge...
  4. composite landing net handles may be a better option than fishing rods because cheaper and untapered.
  5. Maybe they hit one of the chinese government's new islands... "That's funny, there was no obstruction here last week"...
  6. Not the least interesting part of the budget forecast is the membership fees, when the web site also says membership free until 2022... Unless of course LP LLc are paying all the membership fees... Also interesting that its talking about "ILCA Plaque Fees Collected Sales"
  7. Its not hard to understand, Trolls just troll. A delight in irritating their fellow man is their only aim. There's no point in looking for a rational position when it simply doesn't exist.
  8. Its about the spreaders. A typical spreader setup has the spreader pushing inwards on the mast, which straightens it, and the amount of straightening force comes from the rig tension. Given low rig tension when the crew gets on the wire the windward shroud is unloaded, force comes off the spreader, the mast bends more and dumps power. One cure for this is to use so much rig tension that the load from the crew on the wire makes no discernable difference to how much the spreader straightens the mast. If you're using a sliding seat (or just hiking) then the windward shroud never unloads, so the s
  9. Comprehensively horizoned. Which is what it was AIUI.
  10. 6 new boats, but the first was a Fireball and the last launched in 1977. I don't think Heath is anyone's idea of a great prime minister but I really don't see him as one of the major political self-enrichers. Certainly not in the Blair league.
  11. Also he didn't have a family or similar expensive hobbies. Seems to have been pretty much asexual. An interesting example of political spite was when after he lost an election the incoming government slapped a 25% "luxury" tax on boats which hit us in the dinghy scene pretty hard. It was generally held to be aimed at Heath, who had a boat in build, but the word was that Heath's boat had been mainly paid for already in stage payments, so he was little affected.
  12. Grief, not sure the Topper hulls will take much, they bend as it is. The other issue is the mast step. Not going to get a bigger tube in there so a Laser spar won't fit unless you sleeve with something *very* solid. Is there nothing bigger available abandoned in the dinghy park? If you could luck into an abandoned Fireball in usable nick that might make a better platform.
  13. Cover ties always an issue... Thinking right outside the box and some way beyond reason, an experiment for the billionaire might be high strength neodymium magnets built into the topsides and cover, although I suspect there might be a considerable inconvenience factor in having stray metal objects sticking to the boat!
  14. Rig tension is primarily defined by the need to keep the spreaders working with a trapezing crew. I cannot imagine the jib size making the slightest difference unless your Hornet is so old school as to have a sliding seat. The jib is arguably more important than the mainsail for speed, so I wouldn't try and bodge on a sail from a different class.
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