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  1. Been here for a year. Headway has been slowed by newborn twins and the ‘rona. But I did squeeze in a visit to HYC and TCYC before everything hit the fan.
  2. Anyone with kids in one of the junior sailing programs, and if so, what level of concern do you have for the pollution of Galveston bay with petrochemical byproducts? Seems like there’s no shortage of press about dioxin waste pits lining the ship channel and ICW, and Optis spend a fair amount of time upside down.
  3. Thanks for the info. My wife is new to sailing but has enjoyed beer can racing so far, and is way smarter than I am so I anticipate her picking up the finer points pretty quickly. Both clubs seem to have women’s sailing opportunities, which is great. My son will be a year old in June so prob a little too early to start making decisions based on quality of junior program (or is it?). We know exactly no one in Houston, so club will double as our main social resource - at least initially.
  4. Just got a new gig in Houston - packing up the family and moving in June. Looking for a new home for my J-29, and someplace I can also do some Laser racing. Seems like the two options are HYC and LYC, with Clearlake as a third, but only for dinghys? Would appreciate any insights as to major differences between the clubs.
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