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  1. As I understand it this was a sub study looking at dose finding but the reporting was messed up. It's a v good thing to learn that a small dose followed by a bigger one is more efficacious. Also wouldn't read too much in things not registered in the US. There are many many areas of medicine where the FDA make some truly bonkers decisions for and against things... This!! Anyone who has the extra symptoms, rejoice! You're immune system is going all the way out against the proteins expressed which is exactly what you want.
  2. I'm thinking that neither Ineos nor TNZ enjoyed that race v much.
  3. Cheers all, was the Mozzy clip that got me wondering as well. Seems no free lunch for big jib furling to a little one
  4. Well it was the code 0 that got me wondering about it-more about why can't they transition to furled jib acting as a code 1/2 etc?
  5. Take pity on me for any seemingly obvious lack of knowledge/experience... but... If you need more power to get onto the foils but after that the excess drag is counter-productive, why cant the teams use an oversized jib on a system that can then be furled to reduce drag as they foil? Is there a rule against furling jibs? I can see it's a mess trying to sort in a mainsail but was wondering if it'd be an option? Or does the furling create excessive drag in it's own right?
  6. The big question is whether they can genomically link the cluster to a known case from the border. That allows accurate contact tracing and a chain of transmission. Then it’s more reassuring to ease like the cluster related to central auckland MIQ recently We never found out how the last South Auckland cluster arrived into the country and I understand we haven’t found a link here thus far. It also had a very significant impact on the lower socioeconomic families. The death rate was much higher than we see in the healthier travellers returning to NZ w COVID. If still no genomic link
  7. And a day that might be over the wind limits anyway if this storm keeps up?
  8. A rather surprised and confused one I'll bet...
  9. Pity you don’t still have it. They can be worth decent money these days.
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