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  1. "They are all good sailors" https://youtu.be/FTD0atfJm9w
  2. Beat me to it. Raising board isn't exactly the same as making keel choice AFTER valid certificate is issued, among other deplorable details. One (raising board) is allowed in certain rules the other is intent to commit fraud, aka intentional cheating. Involving others in the scheme becomes a conspiracy. Karma tends to be a bitch.
  3. George (J) lift the lid look inside that anchor locker above and outboard the pole tube. Whoever built the 109's had a bad habit of neglecting to glass the hard to access areas. That is, no attempt whatsoever to seal the tube yielding large gaps at hull/flange. On port tack the anchor locker fills and doesn't drain so fast. Water enters the boat at the gap behind the tube. In one case it ran aft to BMax and heavily stained the cherry ceiling strips in main cabin. The owner was in disbelief the interior damage came from a gap the size of your fist in the anchor locker. Those 109 style anc
  4. Beer Friday Noank Shipyard
  5. Seaport Marine training film
  6. I am going to miss this boat, Tom and his faithful companion Pork Chop. A bit more than we expected but it's a boat. Tom stepped right up, got his hands dirty and kept it moving. What a pleasant guy to work with! Mast was broken in 2 places. Sprit broken clean at bow fitting. A carbon whisker pole from my dad's former boat just happened to fit inside broken pole. Easy fix. We used a 10' clean section of the broken spar to laminate outer sleeves and inner splines. Bonded splines and sleeves with Super toughened proset. One piece spreader is going to b
  7. I was messing with my dad's boat in it's slip in a dumpy marina in Mystic, CT many years ago. Two guys came over yapping about our Boat. Not sure how the topic came up, maybe t shirt one was wearing. They were telling a tale that sounded familiar. The name Fred didn't ring a bell but "Texas Hillbilly/Hippy" did, from the Hillbilly thread. Trailer issues maybe? In any event they spoke quite highly of you.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073WGT9F9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_HAWSR9FZEZW9EQ9J2YP1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Lowering the keel is pretty straightforward. Loosten all nuts and back them off to top of threads. Do not remove the nuts, they become your stops. Block the trailer frame fairly level, take weight off springs, wheels still on ground. Lift boat with trailer pads. We like to use tall jack stands to aid lifting effort, 2 aft, one shorter vertical stand placed on trailer couple feet aft of bow knuckle. Lift the boat until keel is roughly 1" off seat. This is where Gouvernail's violence comes into play, follow his methods minus wagging keel. You have to wedge that thing down. "We" use s
  10. Congratulations Jack! Dirty Harry boat of the week!
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