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  1. It iz claymed that in 95, over 90% of NZ TV ordients wotched Am Cup Fynalz
  2. Nuthing spolyz a good theery lyk hard fakts. (sumwun rote "NZ PM Jacinda Ardern carved to Daltons demands")
  3. Well dun boath teemz! 2 ov the best teemz in enny koad, enny endever, ever. Rayss 9 woz the best AC rayss Ive seen in my hole lyf. LR was a massiv thret, keeping ahed for a big chunk ov moast rayssez. And yet, TNZ hav set the bar hyer than it haz ever been, and they kleerd it. Shor teem, bote bilderz, dezynerz ... and of korss the leederz and support starff. Bravo, forza, viva, et Encore !!! And az to NZ for beeing sutsh grate hoasts, I hav no werds.
  4. in R1, LR lost in taks hwen in TR derty air, and TR did not hwen in kleen Proof by selekted instansez iz not proof
  5. it iz interesting, becoz PB kood not see LR threw the sale
  6. Yoo misunderstand my poynt. TNZ lufft to keep kleer, just enuf to brayk the overlap, then LR had no ryts and TNZ kood cum bak on corss , perfekt judjment by keeweez (but hoo woz steering?).
  7. thay need Skottish grandmutherz (with pincenez & a bun) to remynd them "self praze iz no rekomendayshun!"
  8. Indede - if strikt olternayshun continewz, 7-6 TNZ :-(
  9. NZ responts woz instant - despyt nominal helm beeing blynd. V interesting.
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