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  1. I think we agree on the thinking, we just don't say it the same way. The word just exists because offshore you tend not to sail as closed hauled as inshore. Even if the difference is just a tiny 5-7º - for the sake of argument as that value will change from boat to boat - there are 2 words because this small difference matters a lot. On a reach you don't need to differ between 80º and 90º AWA, it is just 2 different headeings in the same mode. As for the motorsailing, IME that only works on some boats that don't slam too much. The smell, noise plus running the risk of having to prime a di
  2. Good... I hadn't realised that Bath and Bristol got lumped together for mayoral elections.
  3. We even have a word in French for this : "Prés océanique" (Ocean close hauled), common wisdom is that racing in open sea it is sometimes faster and that cruising in open seas it is a no brainer in most cases as in the worst case you gain so much in comfort for a small VMG loss.
  4. That's how you have to approach cruising a light boat. People who sail heavier boats assume that you always want to be close to the polar speed but that is not the case when the polar speed is 14 knots! It is a bit like saying that you need to drive your car with the accelerator nearly floored most of the time, that was may be true in 2CV/Beetle era, don't try it now...
  5. Brexit has truly split the country in 2 different different countries, the Brexit side of the Tory party has been very successful at redrawing the lines in their favour. There are unintended consequences they won't like though, in the constituency I was living in, it is now gone 50% green : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/greens-elections-bristol-jonathan-bartley-b1844615.html I am not surprised and still feel a bit Bristolian.
  6. The green side would definitely be a cool evolution, would increase chances of sailing becoming more relevant and may be a way for amateur teams to find sponsorship more easily. I hope to be wrong but I fear that it is a bit early though, the UNCL and the RORC are respectively a Paris and a London organisation and thus might a bit too backward and conservative for such a choice!
  7. By losing the relative simplicity of the SC50, everything becomes more expensive and complex.
  8. I've checked on sailboatdata and that is what they say, nevertheless the genoa area seems to be calculated by doing J x I / 2 and the Centurions tend to have 150% genoa. Nevertheless, it is true that the Centurion hasn't got as much sail area as I was expecting, even if you assume a 150% genoa the Centurion only has 30% more sail. than the Santa Cruz.
  9. I haven't checked the specs but if the boat is twice the weight, sails should be about twice the size for decent performance in light winds, plus a heavier boat will load more the rig thus sails will need to be more robust.
  10. To be fair, these big Wauquiez boats are very powerful and do the displacement hull thing very well in the sense that they seem to be plodding along at 7-8 knots constantly and plushly even when the breeze is light, but yes not a Santa Cruz at all. Also I imagine that a new set of sails will be much more expensive for the Wauquiez.
  11. Dunno, that's probably why they sometimes talk of Trillions! So million or billion Horsepower may be ? 1 million Horsepower = 745MW 1 billion horsepower = 745 GW 1 trillion horsepower = 745 TW I think that @SloopJonB meant 25 GW, so that would be 33.6 Million Horsepower in Imperial, not sure if anybody would actually use this unit though!
  12. Of all these options, I think that the M/W 470 is the best as unlike many other sports truly mixed team make sense (try to mix men and women on a rugby field!) and having a man and a woman on the same boat projects a positive image of sailing as a sport truly open to everybody. Plus the 470 was designed for mixed crew and responsibilities onboard will be shared evenly (woman driving, man doing tactics). A relay or a team race with boats/kite helmed by different genders is completely missing the point IMHO plus the already hard to understand rules become even more obscure when you do team
  13. mW or MW, cos 25 000 mW would be doable with a few solar panel and some batteries!
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