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  1. Plenty of storage options for loose change, nuts and bolts, lunch crumbs, pubes...
  2. Wind and Waves. I think it's the stadium courses that kill it for me. Wind limits, flat water, tight course boundaries, it feels restrictive, almost clinical. The 10-15 knot range I found boring, it was the lower and upper wind ranges that had me interested. Can they stay on foils in fuck all breeze, are they going to bin it in the death zone around the top mark in 20+ knots. The 12's in '87 were epic because of the venue - wind and waves. All these years on I'll still happily watch those beasts smashing through big swell. I'm still amazed by the skill of those crews, just hanging on in t
  3. Or is it to stop the top half of the main getting hung up on the backstay when everything is at max ease?
  4. I was out on the treadlie the other day slogging my way uphill when I noticed a fat fuck with a bike growing out of his ass ahead of me. For the life of me I couldn't work out why I wasn't catching up to him. Eventually caught him at a set of traffic lights, dude didn't have once ounce of sweat, while I was dripping in sweat and looked like I was about to blow my god damn foofer valve. Looked down at his bike, aww fucking e-bike. Same deal when you hit the top mark against a hydraulic winch package, kite hoist and sheet on in one freakin go, barely anyone breaking a sweat. Then I look up
  5. Retirements to be sentenced to 14 days hard labour at the nearest convict settlement, 1800's style. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
  6. I finished a 380nm race on a Rogers 46 sandwiched between two TP's over the line. Majority of the race was downhill, canting Cookson 50 in front of all of us. RP46 about 2 hours behind us. Modern TP would smoke us all.
  7. So you have no concern about potentially being an asymptomatic covid spreader? Kind of hoping that you'd already had it and not noticed while travelling to 25+ countries seems a bit reckless to me. I'm glad I live in a country with mandatory quarantine & testing for travellers.
  8. I'm curious, with all that travel how many covid tests have you had? Have you had to be quarantined in different countries or shown proof that you are covid free?
  9. In the light if there is fuck all happening I have no issue in crew slacking off, drinking beer, telling jokes etc, its a good way to lighten the mood. Stick them downstairs around the mast with beer/water/food/porn, at least their weight will be low, give them some shade etc. Easy enough to race with two on deck since shit's not happening at warp speed, less people moving around upsetting the balance. It's also a great way to teach people other roles, stick your bow person on the helm, helm does some trimming, different job gives them a different focus. Tag out with someone down below when yo
  10. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but that kind of sounds like a nation hardening the fuck up, smashing it head on and not burying their head in the sand...
  11. Err, I'm pretty sure those Kiwis did "Harden the Fuck Up" and have "smashed" the virus fair and square. I tip my hat to those "macho" Kiwis, they told COVID-19 to go and get fucked in a big way. As an Aussie I'm also trying to "be a man" by you know, still working from home and limiting my movement outside the house. My work situation is not ideal, but I'm trying to "Harden the Fuck Up" and dealing with it so I can keep food on the table for my family.
  12. I'm guessing they were the cocktail sipping crew only. Maybe the call was to drop sails to offer assitance or to gybe away from the clusterfuck to give more room, get the non-essentials out of the way etc so the crew can do what's needed.
  13. Differences aside, if you haven't already, I'd be encouraging you both to get tested. Shoot her a text and say hey it might be worth us getting checked out too. You might save a life. Had that happen recently in my family, two sisters diagnosed with breast cancer 12 months apart. Both caught it early, both surgeries & treatment successful. First sister diagnosed prompted second sister to have a more thorough check up and sure enough there it was. Finding it early and treating it is a mere inconvenience as opposed to finding out when its in advanced stages.
  14. Out of interest whatever happened to WP-11?
  15. Why rush it though? Its not like they have a spare 66 footer sitting around doing nothing... oh wait... Tuck the big boat into bed in the shed and figure out what went wrong and do a proper fix without a deadline. Fill the 66" full of piss and mates and go for a blast instead.
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