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  1. As mentioned above, first check that the engine is running OK in neutral: full revs and no smoke, and then that the prop shaft turns easily. Next fuel (sounds OK) and air (air cleaner).
  2. ~60 years of being a rock star must do something to one's brain.....
  3. S Holmes would not be amused.
  4. Water's a beautiful colour.....
  5. Also very lightly built. Sailing my in-laws boat in Maine, the decks flexed enormously just walking on them. Also a wild ride downwind when a 25kt squall hit - no backstay!
  6. As usual, spot on advice - ask some questions, get more info.
  7. Have you seen ABC Murders with John Malkovich; talk about bleak!
  8. Easy enough to make your own "wipe on"; just thin your varnish of choice 50% or so with the recommended thinner.
  9. I've installed these ones (from Suncor): https://www.amazon.ca/Suncor-Handle-Holder-handle-holder/dp/B00DH3IZQI which work well and are out of the way when not in use. (Important to get in the habit of stowing the handle in them in the correct orientation so the handle is also out of the way.)
  10. I'd get (sea)sick just looking at that wheel. Almost as bad as Frank Gehry's one:
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