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  1. Two general approaches, discussed in exhaustive (exhausting?) detail in a previous SA thread: I prefer the epoxy approach.
  2. As you suggest, one learns to live with them. Snakes are protected in Oz (native animals) so chopping their heads off is frowned upon. (Didn't stop me when the kids were little tho'.)
  3. We get browns in the garden often enough, if you back off and walk around them they'll leave you alone. Wouldn't try riding a bike straight at them tho', they can get angry.....
  4. Oz of course has everything; bullrails, cleats and poisonous snakes.
  5. Timely boating incident: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-03/fishermans-tiger-snake-stand-off-on-lake-wellington/100110606 I like the last line the best!
  6. Yeah, I don't know why Oz gets such a bad rap. You can easily outrun (or outwalk) any of our nasties, except for a few ferals such as wild boars, and the salties (can't outswim them either).
  7. My Canada days are probably over (don't do -ve temps any more) but if I do come I'll try not to hug any bears.
  8. Just behaves like a big version of our dog. I'm sure they're all like that....
  9. Nah, red bellies are two-steppers, red backs probably won't kill you, freshies are generally harmless enough. Sitting in emergency waiting room waiting for the doctor to decide whether a funnel-web bite has envenomated you before giving you the antivenom apparently isn't much fun tho'..... At least we don't have bears that run you down to rip you to pieces!
  10. Six on the port side, no reason from that pic to believe the boat is axially symmetric......
  11. Isn't that what they always say; trust me it's all OK and will never happen again.....................
  12. Off topic comment; this must be one of the most enjoyable threads ever for me on SA. I've done a bit of blue water sailing, mainly in temperate waters but just about every comment is teaching or making me reconsider, something new.
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