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  1. Plastic Boats with active Racing: Original Topper is a plastic boat that is raced around the world for something like 40+ years. RS Tera has racing around the world (World Championships at StFYC in 2023). Very popular. RS Feva has worldwide racing, growing all over. Hobie Waves are raced around the world. O'Pen Skiff is raced around the world, especially in warm water venues. Between those five plastic classes, you're easily talking 25,000+ sailboats, maybe more like 30,000 with the Waves. There are others too, Topper has some other models, not as popul
  2. I don't buy into the binary thinking that a rotomolded boat can't be a race boat. Nor do I believe it's even a sub-optimal platform for a racing class. Is plastic heavier than glass or carbon? Sure. It is less stiff ? Absolutely. So what? If it gets people on the water, safely and comfortably... that's the essence of how our sport grows. It's like golf clubs, or skis or other equipment to me. ANYTHING is better than nothing. If someone has old skis, do we say they can't race? If they have an old tennis racket, should we look down on them? No way. The
  3. I sailed the RS100 and D-One back to back for half a day in SF Bay as part of an evaluation I found the D-One more technical (not a bad thing, just depends what you're looking for). The RS100 was 'easier', less complex rigging, etc. For most people, I think the 100 is simply more 'accessible' and easy to sail well. If you are a super technical person, the D-One might be somewhat more interesting. I believe there are 5-10 D-Ones in the US,. RS100s, probably around 50-60.
  4. @Roller Skates is very warm here. The LP boat was the 'Bahia' - which was popular with clubs/learn to sail programs. Believe the first Toura will arrive in North America this spring. Expect it to do well.
  5. @WCB Indeed! We've had good success with the 21, it's a well thought out boat. Quite excited by all the events using it in 2022 I think initially, we tried to market it as 'it does every great! For less!' And in retrospect, that was too broad, unfocused. I think seeing what Lakewood is doing, or SFYC. Resolute Cup. CRW. I think that is where we will go, less than trying to make it a smaller M24 class or a J/70 1:1 competitor. Those are great boats, with great classes. The more we focus on it being a modern, fun to sail boat that works well in programs and clu
  6. I see an opportunity for a US based ILCA builder.
  7. I believe there is an opportunity to re-build a NA based - dinghy dealer network. It's something I think about a lot these days.
  8. Over $50k has been raised for Marc so far. Lots of really people in the community have chipped in some dollars. If anyone is still on the fence, Marc is one of the good guys, he could use our support for sure.
  9. This is the sexiest picture of a mold I've ever seen. I don't really care if it floats or not. You already won. No idea how you have time for a project like this Julian. Kudos.
  10. @trimfast It wasn't cheap, but yes, that's exactly what we bought it. Get the right stuff, the first time. Should see ~90% of the APS catalog rigging available in 2022. @Alex W Not sure personally, but I'll ask our rigging team and tell them someone was asking about it.
  11. Added pic from this Spring as we were finishing setup. https://westcoastsailing.net/rigging (I usually don't self promote here, but, figured it was relevant)
  12. We bought the APS OD Rigging Department. All the tools, equipment, products. Kyle (APS owner) was gracious in transferring his knowledge. -- First 6 months we built out a ~40' long rig bench, integrated workspace. We hired, trained and tested our systems this year to build good systems. Installed a custom ERP (software) that moves online orders directly to the build team. It's pretty slick. We did a limited roll out of all APS products in 2021. Small scale, to make sure we could deliver what we promised. We made some mistakes, learned a lot, and have a good t
  13. Chris at Sunfish Direct is a very excellent stand up guy. Industry needs more people like him, making things happen so people can go sailing.
  14. I've found matching gelcoat during a repair, to be the surest way to drive myself crazy. I think in 15 years of doing it, I got it spot on maybe a handful of times. It's hard. Even with factory matched gelcoat colors, you could often see a teeny tiny variation on close inspection. When I would do it mixing bright white, with other colors - I was lucky to get within a country mile. More skilled fiberglass folks can get close, easier. No questions. When doing it personally - I never could get it close enough to be satisfied. Had to learn to accept that.
  15. LP released (or is planning to?) a new plastic boat called the 'Cascais.' https://www.laserperformance.us/pages/cascais -- Interestingly, the picture of the boat you spotted is different than the Cascais... We're not an LP dealer anymore, so couldn't be sure. Looks plastic from the picture though.
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