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  1. I think there are a couple dozen 400s in NA now? I know we've sold 2-5 of them regionally. I think there is even a fleet in Toronto. Powered up, as mentioned. It's the original RS boat, designed for two bigger dudes to race (the RS200 come next to make a husband/wife race boat). Cool boat, not shocked there are a few used floating around by now, been around for awhile.
  2. The Netherlands just announced it's opening to US travelers starting tomorrow (June 24) No test, no vaccination, no quarantine required. Might add to your list to visit? Lots of direct flights from the US, great country.
  3. A team of people much more capable, not to mention smarter than me Got a great leadership team who handle ops, and a large team who execute the monthly strategies. I work on strategy and trying to keep us growing as fast as possible. Nice balance - and I can work from anywhere, hence all the travel the last two years.
  4. Yesterday the EU announced a full reopening for Americans (and some other nationalities too). It seems like each EU member country makes its own rules - so you need to check with each country. For some reason they still require a negative PCR test, which is annoying, and the US still requires one for returning travelers. Anyway, we've continued traveling freely the last 2-3 months. Planning to head to Portugal again this Fall.
  5. Visited Machu Picchu yesterday. Wildly empty. That said, most of the local shops in this tiny town are closed. The locals continue to suffer with a 90% drop in tourists.
  6. I've lost count of how many international boarders I've crossed since Jan 2020. It's probably around 35 now. Flew to a new one yesterday: Peru. Zero issues, again. How to do it: You read the local rules, get an anti-gun (or PCR) test before getting on the plane, and enjoy. On the plane, you watch some movies (they fed us full meals yesterday, which was cool), and in a few hours, you're in a new country. I'm genuinely surprised how many people keep thinking it's more complicated than this? My parents (close to their 70s) flew down and visited me and my fiancé in M
  7. There are a significant number of established classes, that are growing their sales regionally. Relevant to this thread would be the RS Tera and RS Feva. Both of which are growing rapidly in the US in particular. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but RS Aero sales are growing too, and that class is approaching a decade old. Sure, new classes sell big numbers to start, and it's hard to maintain that. But, established classes, that are 'discovered' by regional clubs and sailors - grow quickly in the US. Especially when they replace old / antiquated equipment.
  8. Julian, this seems pretty practical. There are tons of RS Teras and now RS Fevas in your backyard now. Will be good to have you join the fun. More than anything, congrats on getting another youth program going in the PNW! -- For what it's worth, Opti sales have indeed been declining for a while for us. And the survivor bias note, is actually quite real. I've seen so many kids frustrated and sometimes scared, by being in a swamped Opti, in the cold, waiting for a coach to rescue them. It can be a fun learning experience for the tougher kids, but, the young ones can g
  9. The team has created some new Aero videos for 2021
  10. Guys posted a 'Quick Look' at the first Ovington ILCA shakedown on the water in the US:
  11. Yup. 5 high, 4 stacks total just fit in a 40' HighCube container.
  12. We take care of B.C. for both RS and Ovington ILCAs @Bill5 Attend the boat show, do the paperwork, logistics. It's pretty seamless to get 29ers, ILCAs and tons and tons of RS boats into B.C. these days.
  13. Our first container of Ovington ILCAs has arrived. Next container going directly to British Columbia. Then more arrived mixed in with all of our RS containers heading this way
  14. I don't think this is top secret information, but, RS is steadily selling ~500 Aeros a year (current as of Q4 2020).
  15. @Ncik Yeah, Chile was nice. We stopped in Brazil for a few days first, then went to Ecuador for a couple weeks, now in Colombia. Will be here till mid Feb when heading up Central America.
  16. I believe all UK boats to Canada are Duty Free now. As of 2019 they started phasing it out. I believe all the RS containers sent to Canada in 2020, had zero duty applied. (they have had quite the sales bonanza on all over Canada helped by this) It used to be 9.5% or something crazy.
  17. FYI, we're sending a container of Ovington boats directly to Vancouver from the UK. That means they come in duty free, among other benefits. The pricing for all boats, so far, is effectively identical. These will just be cleared and landed in Vancouver in the cheapest and most efficient method available. So, if you're looking to save money, as someone else pointed out - logistical savings (or buying an event boat) will yield the biggest savings. I forget how many containers we are sending to B.C. this year, it's two or three in 2021.
  18. @Tharsheblows Weather has turned to rainy and low 60s, but otherwise good. Curfew on weekends at 1pm for a few weeks, so, everything is packed all morning until then *shrug* -- We can only stay in Europe for 90 days on a tourist visa, so in two weeks we'll head to South America. Chile opened up last month, so hoping to get time in Patagonia while it's quiet and empty. We'll spend a couple months traveling up before landing in Mexico City and then heading to Asia. -- Not looking forward to so many more test swabs stuck deep into my nose.... but a small price to pay for tr
  19. If you're on our email list, you saw we officially announced our distribution of Ovington ILCAs for Western North America. There is a distributor in Texas, and one on the East Coast who will announce themselves in their own way. All will be buying container loads of boats. Our first container is on the water now - and will arrive at the end of the year. Our next shipment will go direct to British Columbia, then after that, to our warehouse again. -- When it became clear this summer that 'do nothing' - was not commercially viable, we evaluated our options. While we don't
  20. All the mast and rigging is from a Laser. It uses a Laser Radial lower section (modified with a cleat) and Laser boom (I forget if it is shortened or not). Top section as well (with a fairlead). A few minor modifications done here and there on it, but, it was made, by Vanguard Sailboats, made extensively from their parts bin.
  21. @EYESAILOR I wish we made anything close to this sort of markup. All of the work you described above is done with a lot less than that. Shipping, you're not far off actually. You can fit 20x Lasers/ILCAs in a 40'HC can. Door to door is ~$6000-$7500USD to the west coast including all the fees, taxes, etc. Then yes, there is a work once it arrives to unload, unpack, inspect, store. We're pretty good at that now, but, it's real staff time for sure. @Bruce Hudson Honestly not sure of our total stock of our own LP boats (I am traveling at the moment). I mentioned
  22. I think it's a bit naive to assume there are no technical differences in how ILCAs are built on 4 different continents, by 7 different builders. If that was the case, why have customers for years clamored for boats from Australia, or Australian blades, or Australian top sections? Why have sailors imported PSJ boats? Why are the AUS mast connector pieces, mast step plugs different sizes and materials than the NA/European ones? Why did we get almost two decades of discussion about Hyde vs. North sails? Because there are differences. I think the construction manual does an ex
  23. When you arrive on island, they do a covid test (it's free). They hand you a banana and water while you wait. It's fast, kinda fun and painless. All these workers are talking about how beautiful their island is, and what you can see and do. Why? Because they are desperate for tourists. It's how everyone feeds themselves. Taxis. Restaurants. Hotels. Gondolas. Rental Cars. Signs are all over about hotels and restaurants being safe to enjoy. We talk to the shop keepers who are desperately wanting more Brits and Germans to come back and visit. -- With their free testing
  24. Honestly, I find your phrasing of this comment, slightly creepy. The inference is that, if I don't post in this thread, at the cadence pleasing to you, that proves something? That's very weird to me. -- But, since you asked, and I'm sure you're genuinely curious how my personal travels in Europe are going........ We're still hanging out in Portugal, we're having a lot of fun (sorry to inform you). Rented a car last weekend, and drove all over the Algarve. Beautiful. Went to the Botanical gardens here in Lisbon, yesterday, had a nice date night with the finance.
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