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  1. I think it's too soon. We're only a couple months from September and shit still seems too unpredictable. I'm thinking of going to Albania in the summer and then hanging out in the Balkans for awhile to see what happens. After that move back into w. Europe. The Balkans have been the only thing consistently open the whole time this shit has been going on. I think the smart move would be for me just to fucking wait another year, but I am tired of waiting. I will be vaccinated in a couple weeks, but I still think we're past September before we find out what that is really going to be like.
  2. Jesus Fucking Christ you are an insufferable dick. We get you don't like SailGP. Why do you keep repeating it? You only advertise it.
  3. Like Berterelli said to Larry before the legal shit happened, "you'd want this situation too if you had the chance". I think it was just a simple pissing contest between two billionaires and Larry did really want that situation too.
  4. https://politics.theonion.com/trump-solemnly-lays-wreath-at-site-where-he-would-have-1832907992
  5. That had fuckall to do with it. Only you Kiwi cunts cared. It had to do with the Cup being won back and then after the Kiwi's chickenshit challenge nobody in the States gave a fuck and haven't given a fuck to this day.
  6. They're kind of two vastly different things. One is a fucking menace on our society and the other prevents a lot of fucking problems.
  7. LE seemed done after 34. While EB may be back I don't think Larry ever will.
  8. This is kind of bullshit. Americans have won the cup more than you since you have been involved while not even giving a shit. That combined with the Kiwi's sublime ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and it may not be so long. You cocky, insecure fucks will lose it sooner than you think.
  9. But the real threat of a clean out would be to the design team. Switch sailing teams in this AC and the results are the same.
  10. Better name than Aide for this is AIDS. Full fucking blown. Can't wait to watch another Trump failure.
  11. What's shut down? Some schools? I go to the same bars every weekend and do all the other shit I did before. I travel and go to bars in other "liberal" cities that I went to before covid. What fucking planet are you on?
  12. The part where they take the ball away and go jack each other off in England isn't so nice either. ENTZ are making Oracle and Allinghi look like Trump to George W Bush. Fucking cunts.
  13. I think the only way they were close is if they won the first 5 or 6 races in a row. TR was a lot fucking faster.
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