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  1. 46000 posts? This is all he has. Queue pics of the rough looking women he repeatedly says he beds to a bunch of strangers on the internet.
  2. Looks like we're down to two challengers while GD is out whoring the Cup. How attractive can this be to other venues? Maybe sell the 8-10 team fantasy as last time, but who is buying that? That was pre-covid as well.
  3. I remember this asshole. He would do absolutely anything to be president. The dumb cunt even joined the military during uncles war.
  4. Safer to say no one cared about the AC post '07. Interest has definitely plummeted post '13.
  5. Your bizarre logic and incessant trolling would be welcomed in PA.
  6. Isn't it S and S? S+S is the vaporware from the last Cup.
  7. Too short as well. That fuck loved to hear himself talk too much to keep it at a small paragraph as DougH.
  8. Clarkey will only count what is engraved on the Cup itself I guess. Crazy those arrogant fucks had the audacity to engrave it and then left it there after Blake let the Cup get smashed into a plate.
  9. So you're saying SD won the Cup twice in '88 and NZ once? So it's 6 to 5 for the US in Cups since '87. That math ok with you Clarkey?
  10. Says the guy that purposely misspells because he thinks he's cool.
  11. Jealous of what? A sporting event that neither of us participated in?
  12. 9 pertinent to the subject we were talking about. Why would you add in the 2 Swiss cups? Doesn't it get exhausting making your country that you seem so proud of look so bad?
  13. These arrogant Kiwi jackoffs were going on about how amazing they are. I was making the point that they hadn't even won the Cup as many times as the not giving a fuck about the AC Americans since '87 when the were first in it together. Hopefully they run out of money and are gone soon. A fucking cancer on the AC over the last 35 years. Clarkeys creative math has got it even now though at 5 to 5 even though there has only been 9 cups.
  14. Says the guy conducting his life safely from the keyboard. I'm sure if BLM had done the exact same thing you would think it was no big deal.
  15. Except you didn't attach a link and ended the statement with a question mark. Aren't you just a shit stirrer?
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