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  1. The mood totally changed once he got on the boat in '13. Hurtling abuse at the limpdick kiwis and his grinders. Wtf do Wolff, Merc and JA have to do with this?
  2. I have no interests in this so no reason to make shit up. GD on the other hand does. The fact that he can't find money says all that needs to be said about the bullshit tv numbers he put out.
  3. Why wouldn't they want to smear him? Americans are stupid. Hence the need to smear him. Now fuck off and go back to your circle jerk with your other racist friends JZK and Joker.
  4. Fuck off asshole. 4 kept quoting the 1 billion viewers awhile back. He works himself into logical dead ends quite often and I like to see how he dances around it. We all get it's made up bullshit.
  5. You said there was a billion viewers awhile back. Those are huge numbers. Why would covid matter with numbers like that? Money should be flying in and they already had the Cup during covid. Seems like an excuse for GD just being a shitty money raiser. One airline and the government teat are gone, but he can't seem to adapt.
  6. At least Daltons not taking the blood money anymore and just letting them have their name on the team for free. It's a start.
  7. Moving goalposts again. What is that a symptom of? I wonder. It's a boat used in the AC before last so belongs here. Sydney Hobart in the AC forum? WTF? And you were very openly against it.
  8. Kiwi's kicking ass in yet another competition no one cares about.
  9. Jesus, you are maybe the most bitter piece of shit I have ever seen. That is saying a lot considering the forum we're in.
  10. That's all fine except that it's not attracting a wider audience. Larryvision has been going 3 or 4 cycles now and isn't working. Otherwise we wouldn't still be here wondering where the next cup is going to be.
  11. I love the old I know a brown/black person so I know what they all think argument. What's the CDP?
  12. As the saying goes, when all you see is dickheads you might be the dickhead.
  13. A few cells is slaughter now? Just not getting the irony. Aren't they both Darwinism? Again, what are you doing to compensate for more children being born in bad situations? Are you going to adopt?
  14. That was all kind of lost on that fucking idiot. Or at least his gibberish just didn't make sense.
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