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  1. Am I missing something? Isn't it the 6th in NZ?
  2. pusslicker

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Stockholm Syndrome.
  3. I would love to be able to magically switch the Capitol insurrection to an attack by Muslims and BLM members and see what happens. Somehow I doubt you would be calling for reconciliation. Although your histrionics would be fun to watch.
  4. pusslicker

    Ben Ainslie

    Fair enough. He is a complete and utter fucking asshole. On that we both agree.
  5. pusslicker

    TVs / fans ruin AC

    They kind of are horizon jobs anyway. In the end we're all waiting for a 2013 and an 1983. They happen a few times in a lifetime and it would be great if when the next time it does it doesn't end in 15 minutes.
  6. pusslicker

    TVs / fans ruin AC

    Yeah, probably. Makes an even better case for it. I couldn't remember off hand how long those races were. Those boats look so primitive only 10 years on.
  7. pusslicker

    TVs / fans ruin AC

    These grinders are only doing part of the work anyway. If they lifted the foils too then I agree, but they're not. Lose the fuckers and enclose the cockpits.
  8. pusslicker

    TVs / fans ruin AC

    The problem is that 2007 was shortened from 24 at the end of the 12's and 18 or so from the beginning of the IACC's. These boats are fucking fast so why have them on even shorter courses. The courses were shortened originally because nobody wanted to watch 4 hour races. Now they could do a DOG course in a couple hours.
  9. pusslicker

    Ben Ainslie

    Watch it again. The demeanor on that boat changed instantly. A lot faster than the fundamental changes in the boat that weren't that fundamental. That boat got progressively faster throughout the match. It wasn't a day off to switch on Herbie and then go.
  10. pusslicker

    Prada Cup

    I wish the cameraman wasn't such a pussy. They should have kicked the fuck out of him and dumped him over the side.
  11. pusslicker

    Prada Cup

  12. pusslicker

    Prada Cup

    http://freestreams-live1.com/skyspomix/ Just watch it here.
  13. pusslicker

    Prada Cup

    Can't believe they even still do this stupid shit in the 21st century. That's not even the fucking queen is it? Does it even count?
  14. pusslicker

    Rush Limbaugh DTL

    This isn't about addiction sufferers. It's about hypocrisy.
  15. pusslicker

    Rush Limbaugh DTL

    Yeah, the "alternate point of view" and freedom of speech combined with branding anybody that challenges them as a pussy has been an effective defense. It's getting old though.