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  1. Especially rich ones that will hopefully be long dead and buried by high school graduation.
  2. Shouldn't the pandemic help with the income? I mean I've been to Cups and they don't look like big money makers for teams. Maybe for bar owners and hotels. I would think with 1 of every 8 people on the planet watching the Cup that there would be a huge tv contract coming up and lots of sponsors fighting to get their logo on the very little space left for sponsors on TNZ's boat.
  3. I don't think nuns are into buggery. Only difference.
  4. Smaller boat eh? Who could have predicted that? The Kiwi's are following every step that Larry took. Maybe he had a legitimate reason to do all the shit he did. Wouldn't it have been smarter to just go straight there? Will be interesting if they go one-design as well.
  5. What about that Kim Dotcom the Kiwi's were harboring? Time to return the favor.
  6. Smart move. It should fit well with your winning is the only thing ethos.
  7. Except they weren't. They were buried in anything under 10. They had to be towed up on the foils. They would be great in SF or somewhere windy. Since TNZ is selling out at least pick a windy venue.
  8. You may be right since the anti vaxers are likely cause a lot more deaths. Real living humans at that and not a bundle of cells.
  9. Why did you never call out your boy Shitstain? You fucking disappeared after his ass kicking until Biden fucked something up. You are the sick fuck.
  10. Except that the Kiwi's involved in the AC are only about the ends justifying the means.
  11. Who is them? This is PR bullshit. Why not sign it like all other letters of this type?
  12. Stupid analogy. The Germans aren't fascists anymore. The Saudi's are still shitbags.
  13. Aren't the Olympics terrible for economic impact on the host city? Unless you're a shithole like China, Russia or Gulf countries with money to burn or shitty human rights to cover up it isn't worth it. At least they admit right in that one sentence that they are pulling the numbers right out of their ass.
  14. Who on here walks out the front door and sees this you cunt? Nobody. This is just as bad if not worse in the red states and cities. I didn't see your boy Trump do anything to fix this. His crashing of the economy just made it worse.
  15. You're only living rent free in this thread.
  16. I guess you can add Dalton to your list of hypocrites now.
  17. I don't think it's going to be too close. They sent ballots out to everybody on the 16th. You just sign it and put it in mail or drop box. The Dems have such numbers I don't think an enthusiasm difference will help in this case.
  18. The only thing they haven't done is put a few grams of lead in the king post. Wish they would at least find a windy venue though.
  19. Face the US in what? A war? Who would they sell all their plastic shit to if Europe and the US are at war with them? You underestimate the Chinese.
  20. It's PA. Aren't we all trolls in here? Isn't that the point?
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