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  1. Suncloud. best bang for the buck at like $50-60/frame. lifetime warranty too, I believe. replaced a few with no questions asked.
  2. damn, I was hoping for a return of the J/34
  3. J&J shot done and did. No real side effects except for the desire to download a new Windows operating system and I'm pretty sure the microchip that was implanted gives out an AIS signal...so I have that going for me...which is nice
  4. I'll revise..... from my observations, its not a good W/L boat. Granted, its PHRF, its against good beercan racers, its a light air venue, its almost entirely W/L. Can't speak for the crew and I think they are settling into a regular groove but its only been a year. That all said, give them a race with some distance with breeze and some reaching legs and they've done well.
  5. my observations from afar say the J99 is not a good W/L beercan boat
  6. right, that part I understood. In a vacuum, that $850 remark was jarring. At least for beercan series owners, "good enough" seems about right. I'd be curious how many weeknight series are contemplating going to ORC considering how engrained PHRF is.
  7. my understanding is that 16.2 was amended to address bearing off to hunt while going upwind
  8. Good faith can be very subjective. Just ask the C420 parents who bought PS2000's knowing they were faster boats but didn't care to inquire why.
  9. was thinking something like this https://www.amazon.com/CARFKA-Inches-Chrome-Trumpet-Compressor/dp/B07WDZYSFS/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=car+horn&qid=1610241958&sr=8-9
  10. Thanks, I feel like its something I can handle but wasn't sure, again, because of no schematic. When the instructions refer to cables (I think they mean wire), what should I be looking for. I have the rest of the items pretty much sourced out.
  11. https://newlondon.craigslist.org/boa/d/new-hartford-racing-sailboat-dinghy/7258227348.html racing dinghy...also used with trolling motor for fishing ."Boat has lake Gardner and International 14's design"
  12. Thanks, but I don't see that option being loud enough unless I really invested a ton of money into some big speakers.
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