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  1. kind of has a Ron Holland/ "Inspiration" vibe to it.
  2. she missed a golden opportunity to make the 6meter logo nail the middle finger. rookie move.
  3. This a great term,...I always tell people that the best bowpersons are good at geometry. You have to know how things are linked (sails, lines, etc) in relation to each other both deployed and undeployed. good way of thinking of it.
  4. the J70 is more or less an updated J22. not that that's a bad thing...
  5. a mere 5 years ago.... https://www.sail-world.com/Australia/CandC-30-One-Design-Class-announces-first-North-American-Championship/-143141?source=google
  6. J105 NAs have 35 boats signed up a month out. The IC37s are great boats for sure, and the class rules are very attractive, but I'm not sure the IC37 class should be sucking their own dicks quite yet.
  7. such a huge loss for the sport. fair winds.
  8. Apparently one boat DSQ, threebboats retired. All for failing to honor.
  9. over/under on the number of boats that didn't honor R6 during the ATI race?
  10. pricier, but an awesome boat https://newlondon.craigslist.org/boa/d/mystic-capo-30-sailboat-olson-911ish/7365099424.html
  11. looks like a good weekend so far, though that low off the Carolinas could have some impact. who doesn't love Block in the fall!!
  12. we don't have a club manager the covid committee evaluates and researches the local and state guidelines and makes policy recommendations to the board the board implements the policies
  13. I believe early on in the pandemic, it was a best practice from US Sailing and Gowrie
  14. Make the regatta an invitational and don't invite him.
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