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  1. Wow! a lighted display finally. I really could of used that last weekend sailing down the West Coast in the dark with no moon. I have signed up for all the beta updates. I am on 0.4.3-beta. Is there a gimmick to get the light to work?
  2. I just want the light to work for racing after dark............if we ever get to do that again..
  3. I am just trying to figure out how the lighted display turns on for night racing..
  4. Does anyone have one of these in stock?
  5. Great looking boat Captain Red. Keep the checkstays and use them to tune the rig upwind. I will ask around about the history. I think a doctor owned this boat new and raced it around San Francisco and Monterey but I have to check on that.
  6. I would suggest replacing that old streatchy line with something like dyneema.
  7. Yes, we use the exact same purchase you are using. We will in rare cases pull it on, on the leeward side so we have a little more on when we tack. I would highly caution putting it on a winch.
  8. We use the check stays to keep the rig straight when we have a lot of backstay on to keep the forestay tight that keeps the main full and powerful. Downwind we have them completely off. In reaching conditions we just snug it up to keep the mast stable if its really bumpy. Hope that helps.
  9. These are a couple pictures of Nina’s emergency rudder from a few years ago.
  10. Ok so it's great in light air but how about the heavy air of SF Bay? How are they holding up in NorCal?
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