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  1. I know that just as with everywhere, there is ignorance Down Under as well, but really no one except the most ignorant refers to the Brazil as the "United States" or as the "US."
  2. Not sure if I would call that "extensive" photoshopping. It doesn't really seem like much time was taken at all. Yes, I know that my faith in accuracy of CNC cutting, like yours, depends keenly on accuracy of photoshopping. We think much alike, you and I (Balok to Kirk, some Star Trek episode.) It must have been painful, being so deceived by that picture! Do you think you can sue for damages? There's this fellow Kithcart who knows a lawyer who will take just about any case: give him a ring!
  3. Are the curtains or drapes installed for the windows yet? A welcome mat at the steps of the boarding ladder? A mailbox? Has Hotrod had the housewarming party yet? Enquiring minds want to know.
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