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  1. Well thanks for sharing those pics anyhow, guess I need to find somebody locally who has a similar setup to find out more. RE Prion - yes, 1 of. So much for anonymity on the internet, guess I need to abandon my plans for trolling with this user account...
  2. Dark Knight, I really really like this setup and had something much like this envisioned in my head for my Mt Gay 30. Am I correct to assume that setup is a Lecomble and Schmidt hydraulic drive unit? Which model did you go with for what length yacht? What autopilot computer / instruments is it coupled with? Any computer calibration issues given that it's essentially a "reverse" drive and located much closer to the rudder stock? I assume this is essentially an adapted below deck system? Why didn't you go with a pelagic or similar system with the same install? Do you want me to ask some
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