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  1. Yeah, me neither…. Strange days we are living in…
  2. Yeah, new sailors don’t need an offshore boat. It will be some time before you develop the skills and confidence to safely head offshore, not to mention determine if you would like that sort of thing. No reason to start with a boat setup for something you may or may not do some years down the road. Get something that is rewarding to sail and suited for coastal sailing in your local waters. You don’t really provide enough info about your goals/plans, budget, etc…. To make any sort of recommendation.
  3. This!!!! The second peel can really cluster things up. As noted, to clear the halyard, it needs to go around the kite, not just around the forestay. We’ve botched that one at 3 am as the breeze was building and we hoisted a kite on the locked out halyard….
  4. On my 120, we run with a single tackline. We use a stropto the bow for the new tack and we run a Martin breaker on the main tackline so that when you blow the tackline 7’ it triggers the shackle open. After the tackline blows, bowman attaches it to the new kite tack and then pit grinds it out to the end of the spirit. New kite goes up on the inside (lower) halyard. We drop the old kite down the companionway using the lazy sheet trying to pull it under the boom to help blanket it. we definitely need more practice, but with the A team on the boat this usually goes off well.
  5. Not really an Aussie boat but could be a Saxdor. Bigger than 7m
  6. The only thing that I think you need to consider is that a mini is not a great boat for upwind work. I feel like I always have a significant amount of upwind sailing to do regardless of my best laid plans to consider the wind. A narrower 25’er would be way more comfortable upwind. Just something to consider…
  7. I think it is not a bad idea. Not sure how much a pogo 2 costs but sounds like fun. Probably limited to 4 people for a day sail. Running costs shouldn’t be bad. My only thought is that there may be better boats for a given budget with your use in mind. You could find a quick 25’er that would be more comfortable and nearly as fast for less money. Obviously higher running costs but that depends on other variables. Other items to consider are where are you going to keep it (dry sail, mooring, etc…), is trailering important and maybe how long you will be aboard at a time.
  8. Unfortunately we are done for the season. Just moved into anew house so that is consuming my weekends right now. Boat goes back in on April 1st.
  9. Hey Truc! haven’t seen you post in awhile, welcome back! Cool boats as always, can you tell us more about them?
  10. Great report! Thanks for sharing. All us armchair guys appreciate the info you put out. How did the boat do going wing on wing? Please don’t tell me you hit 20+ doing that?
  11. Yes, I am aware the difference. Port is Kaohsiung. Any bit of research into shipping a boat from Taiwan would have revealed this.
  12. Have you checked with going out of Taiwan? Still a lot of boat building there so the major yacht specific ships call on that port. I was considering bringing a boat over from Hong Kong but HK only gets ships on a really limited basis. Taiwan has regular sailings and the rate was much better. This was mast up, lift on lift off, Taiwan to FLL. good luck!
  13. I don’t know anything about them but I always liked the way that boat looked. I think I had seen a Phrf rating of around 135 for one,so not very fast, but I think it is probably a well built good looking boat.
  14. Anyone have a good glass/gel coat guy that is mobile in the Annapolis area? I have a gel coat crack in the deck that needs done, new boot stripe painting and I want to center mount the Speedo. None of these are too big of a job but I don’t have time to do myself.
  15. Good on you for making plans and goals like that! I have found that if I don’t have a goal in mind, it gets easier to deprioritize that activity and do something else that is not nearly as rewarding (yard work,etc…). I have accepted that next years sailing will only be local save for doing a charter in the BVI’s. That has always been a “someday” goal but we decided to get on it now. 2023 we will do A2N again and then a weeklong cruise around that area after. The big goal will be Bermuda in 2024. That is a big enough goal that it will help shape plans for the time leading up to it.
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