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  1. Hi Kris, so sorry for your loss. We pulled up to you tonight to introduce ourselves, I apologize if we were a bit intrusive. T
  2. Thanks! Your boat looks really pretty! We may stay here until the wind is forecast to lay down and the head to McGlathery. Thanks for the tip on Stonington. My boat can roll pretty badly in what seem like small waves. I’ll pop over shortly and introduce myself if you are on the boat
  3. McGlathery is where we are thinking. NEH is full in the inner harbor. Heard some people get turned away yesterday. We were thinking of leaving today but likely going to stay put.
  4. Hi Accnick, we are in NEH right now but probably leaving tomorrow or Sat. Depending on weather. I think we are going to Stonington next or anchor off an island on Merchants row (McCarthy). We are on a J120 named Skadi. I’ll keep a lookout for you. Cheers, T
  5. I stumbled upon this yesterday and was quite enamored with it. I feel like it was discussed here before but even so, it looks good so why not post another picture.
  6. Sorry we didn’t get to chat more in our passing. We are planning on a stop at Port Clyde on our trip out of here. We had a gorgeous night in Buck’s harbor last night and are sitting in NEH right now. We will be here till Wednesday and then will start making our way to Portland. I have some of my race crew meeting me there to help bring the boat back to MD. Maybe we will see you again in the trip home! I can totally understand why some people just leave their boats here and only cruise around these waters. Life goals!
  7. Hey Ajax! we are also in Camden - scored an inner harbor float. I heard you checking in this morning on the radio. We’ll look for you later on our harbor tour. We are leaving Camden on Friday heading further East. thanks to all the locals for the tips in this and the other thread! It has been good help getting up here!
  8. So, is this typical weather for summer around here? I am sitting in Menemsha, in the fog and the forecast looks like rinse and repeat for the next week. Is Maine any better? We are planning to head up next week. The inside of the boat just gets more damp and it looks like no end in sight. Any tips for minimizing that? We don’t have A/c or a genset to run a dehumidifier (if I had one with me). I wanted to cruise New England to try to get out of the heat snd humidity of the Chesapeake but that is not working out so well...
  9. T sailor

    New sails

    This is a good point. For $ to $ you can get a carbon/aramid sail for the same or less than a polyester 3di. I think the loads on a 40’ boat make the carbon/aramid option much better even if the 3di process is superior. The polyester sail will distort way more.
  10. Levelninesports.com They are pretty good at having cheaper options for kids.
  11. T sailor

    New sails

    I went through this over the last year with a similar size boat (j/120). My experience was the 3di products were significantly more than just about any other option. A 3di 360 main was double the price of a polyester laminate main (CDX). Stepping up to a 760 3di was only marginally more than than the 360. Ultimately I couldn’t justify the premium for the 3di stuff so went with a Carbon Sport main (with light skin) and an M5 Genoa. Between the 2 the savings over 3di was around $7k. The main is good but probably at the upper limit for that fabric. I am not sure about a consensus for best val
  12. I totally hear you on the vacation time thing! I get crap vacation (taking a leave of absence for this trip) and am always trying to optimize the time off that I do get! I can see if it is only marginally better to go Friday than save the day and go Sat.
  13. I was looking for some feedback if Powerkote is worth the premium from people who have actually had a sail made from it. Sailmaker feels it is better, but is it $800 better? He can’t answer that (I wouldn’t expect any sailmaker to).
  14. If I were making the call right now, I would depart the Rhode on Friday transiting the canal on Sat, late morning. Looks to be the best conditions for both the Chesapeake and Delaware parts of the trip. Maybe spend two nights in Cape May as Monday looks like the better departure for the Ocean leg. High pressure looks to be locked in for M-F so you should have pretty decent conditions.
  15. The GFS and Euro have relevence once you are outside Cape May and in the Ocean. I would not put too much stock in it for Bay conditions. Too many land affects that don’t get picked up on the Global models. They are good at picking up large scale weather but pretty bad and localized wind on the Chesapeake and Delaware. For this route I would look at the 3km NAM model or the HRRR. These too can be a bit flawed in exaggerating land effects but generally are much more accurate. I like the NAM 3k over the HRRR but they both have very similar outputs. I would also look to the OFS models for
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