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  1. The weight has just gone down from 4 kilo to 2 kilo this year. To be honest 4 kilo was open to abuse. You shouldn't have material in there to add weight, but that's a hard to police... plenty of people sailing around with a couple of kilos of lead back support. The flip side is 2 kilo is hard to hit, especially if you have a harness with lots of webbing or neoprene which holds more water (weighed wet). My harness (shock skiff harness) is one of the lightest available, 0.8 dry and 1.2 wet. So it doesn't surprise me many models could be over the limit when wet.
  2. It was funny in that by phil's standards this was one of his most controlled starts and he got shafted. It wasn't as if he was reaching in gung-ho, instead he was setting up for a slow high approach then bear off. But, he was a little high on that layline to the windward end, which did leave him susceptible to a hook, and once hooked you are then reliant on the leeward boat wanting to beat the fleet more than they want to screw you... and again he was unlucky it was JPN who had nothing to really race for. So what are the tactical options? Low approach (between layline for windward end
  3. I think proper course is one of the often misused elements to the rules as it's so easy to come up with an excuse to why you might sail a higher course, and with no video to watch back, it's very difficult to prove. But, as a pure sailor looking at Nathan's start, there is no way that was his proper course. Anyway, the discussion is a bit mute here as there is no rule 17. I guess that hands back a bit power to an over taking boat. Perhaps it has been removed because of the ambiguities of defining it in boat which vary course hugely for change in wind speed. I the actual event
  4. It's probably been run as an advert or paid for views. I.e. the channel pay for it to be shown before other peoples videos and these will count as views. It's only got a 70% like ratio and tonnes or spam comments.
  5. I did a little video of race start strategies and noticed a small discrepancy between the countdown clock and line turning white which doesn't seem to be consistent. From the way the boats were behaving I think the line turning white is a better indication of 'start' than the clock graphic. I think the P can show up before the gun though, but in the first of your pictures he does look behind still... but maybe not if you take a line between the back edge of the marks rather than where the automatized graphics have drawn the red line.
  6. I guess that's the point. If everyone is a threat, why sacrifice a good start for yourself and give ground away to 6 other legitimate threats, only to fuck one team over. The FRA-NZL incident was very different to JPN-SPA incident, too. I think Nath saw an opportunity to teach Phil a lesson, knowing it would give away his own good start, but so what, JPN were already through.
  7. I think nathan held his trigger a fraction late to fuck Spain over. Its bold in a fleet race to sacrifice your own position on course just to ruin an opponents day. It would be a good match race move if they were in a match race. But a) they weren't in a match race and Nathan's conceded ground to all other boats by delaying his trigger. AND b) JPN had already qualified. In Nathan's defence, sometimes it is good to put a big hurt on an opponent if it's only a minor hurt for yourself. But it's pretty rare to be the right call, especially when karma tends to repeate in fleet racing. P
  8. Camera direction has been much better so far
  9. I guess Nathan had more than his fair share of technical difficulties last season. Maybe now it's Tom's turn? Will be interesting to see if they can bounce back.
  10. I'm not sure it will. C-J was saying how it was possible to just use twist to trim and the mainsheet loads were reduced with a change of rotation point.
  11. and no big rigs yet. I thought they were due online for this event. I didn't know 3 crew was an option, possibly a reaction to big rigs not yet being available. C-J was saying how easy it was to sail with no grinders. I presume they have taken off both grinders?
  12. https://sailgpinsights.com/raceManagement Yet to go live, but I hope this will be as good or better than AC36
  13. Just saw this on the tube... I can't believe this was on the internet for 5 days before i saw / heard it. I mean, I really like tame impala, and I also love the America's Cup. How the fuck did the YouTube algorithm not serve this non-stop to me since the second it was released?
  14. Having a kid and taking paternity leave after a long cup cycle... getting surgery on a longstanding injury... needs to return some video tapes. Lots of possible of legitimate reasons that he may not want to very public about.
  15. Yeah, that's what it says in the press release but... Sure, on the face of it, you want the best UK helm at short notice. A sub in for Dylan might make sense, but maybe he turned down due to games training. Then maybe you'd give Giles some experiance... but again, he'll be in his finn. Goody is probably the third most obvious person, in that he has AC50 experience with artimis, top foiling helm from moths and stock went up during the cup. The only odd thing with the goody call up, is that Giles and Dylan are clearly below Ben in the pecking order, so no threat to his helming role lo
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