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  1. Near where I grew up. One of many absolutely tiny ponds that are used for sailing. What's also funny is that shropshire sailing club is less than 500m away.
  2. As I recall it was INEOS Team GB who were politely asked to change to INEOS Team UK after the BOA pointed out that "Team GB" is the name for the team the UK sends to the Olympics. I don't really think this had anything to do with it being a national team or not, but purely the BOA's trademark. https://www.teamgb.com/legal/2gF98htIPgcfO3UgKxpthz Is there a similar issue with Team GBR? I don't think BAR or INEOS ever tried using that?
  3. The images shared obviously don't give anything away, but the way I read the text its more about refining the rule than designing thier boat (although both go hand in hand). The hull in the picture doesn't have a mast pedestal. So are they writing a rule which will ban that? That would up the value of A36 challenger boats but consign te Aihe to the museum. If they have the surrogate rule it would effectively make Te Aihe an illegal surrogate, so they couldn't even use it early campaign. Maybe ETNZ think LR hull was better and the sunken deck and lower CoE on Te Aihe not worth
  4. Not video, but really good for understanding tactics is the race tracking. You can go through all the races here: https://britishsailingteam.rya.org.uk/tokyo-2020/
  5. Thanks! Not sure how it's related to AC37... but then that goes to quite a bit of other stuff in here too
  6. He was signed as flight controller ahead of sydney, the first event of the aborted season. Kirby, Canfield, Dan Morris, Mac Agnese, Hans Henken / Riley Gibbs became Spithill, C-J, Kirby, Andrew Campbell, Dressler / Sinclair Basically, the America's cup boys plus C-J booted out the match racers / Olympic dinghy sailors.
  7. I think they did with the FCS. Christmas cup there had a locked in setting for up and downwind and little variation. It was immediately obvious the other teams were 'trimming' the FCS, possibly causing some of INEOS's reliability issues with the unit. By the cup Te Aihe was pulling out pretty complex arm movements in tacks (something that had been seen a little with LR in the Prada Cup) and they were changing FCA in straight lines far more often. I think they also saw the batwing and learnt a little about how it could be used not only to depower, but also as a tool for shiftin
  8. I guess this hinges on whether you view it as a change to RRS32.2. The organisers must argue that it's just a rule about an alternative finish line. In which case it is not a change to the shortened course rule and so no need to reference 32.2. The way the SIs are written they could have also shortened the course as per 32.2, with the proper flags and signals and finished them at a mark of the course. But that would require knowing detail about conditions at the harbour entrance 2 days ahead of them occurring. I can see why they have an SI like the one they had. It affectively allow
  9. They could do it based on series standing and no switching. They could randomise it to mix things up, but then rest periods would be different etc. Potentially means some teams might only meet in the final and some not at all. The alternative would be to have semi finals and finals on day 2 and there are a few ways you could do that. But for me that puts too much pressure on individual races on day two. I like that currently most of your score is made from the 5 races, and the final race, although it determines the weekend winner, doesn't make major changes to the points carried forward i
  10. There are some good reasons to do this: More time to fix mechanicals Five boats easier to film Less down time between races More races The downside is you get to see your team race less often. There could also be lots of ties on points for that 3rd final place and without a last race both boats raced to tie break. This might mean having some sort of semi final like the IQ class had. But then that puts more emphasis on the sunday single races rather than the series over a weekend and a feel there is decent balance in the value of series fleet races and the final
  11. But now not the club. The press release from ENTZ when confirming the challenge states "acting on behalf of such yacht club". So, a good chance with that wording goody wouldn't be eligible for AM, only NYYC. Things like this will be dependent on the wording of the nationality rule.
  12. Magnus praises TE reporting. But honestly I find TE quite hard to follow. To sperate his personal opinion and innuendo from fact. For instance, TE in his teaser for the show, pointed the finger for the NYYC withdrawal at ETNZ, RNYYS and Origin Sports. Yet the NYYC only really reference time as being the reason they pulled out. The delay in venue choice is frustrating, but not a reason to pull out yet. The protocol hasn't been delayed. Everything points to NYYC withdrawal being about an internal struggle over what members, commodore and committees think the Cup should be an
  13. I don't believe this is compliant with the test. Also, the one I had was awful. Within a month's use the hook was worn and no longer released. Our class (RS 800) did some research and posted a question to the RYA. As yet there are no compliant harnesses on the market, and only one manufacturer has plans for development (but not actually developed). We still have another year until the rule comes in, so we've put off any class rule change. I think generally the class didn't want to make a class rule which limited the uptake of safer equipment. But if it wasn't possible for our sailo
  14. Ha, often not. But some aspects we give up on early. Holding station often with wind and tide we don't get to 5 minutes. Also circling a mark, if there is much breeze we'll have a spin out, dropped sheet before 5 minutes. We also very rarely do the rolling roundings.
  15. Epic Pen https://epic-pen.com/
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