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  1. Interesting stuff for me: Dylan gives a pretty good endorsement of how one design they are. Knowing him in one design classes before he'd always be the first to find difference and complain. He's pretty open about the wing difference too, which are now all one design for season 2. After all the build up of how much faster the F50 would be I think many were a little underwhelmed how difficult 50 knots still seemed. The 'racking' of the AC50 goes most of the way the explain this, coupled with software limits of wing twist in season 1. I'm still getting my head around the crew w
  2. I had a lengthy chat with Dylan Fletcher to get a bit of detail on what differentiates the boats in terms of speed. He also had some interesting reasons why despite some big steps forward we haven't seen regular smashing of AC50 speed records. Also get his take on inverting the wings and how beneficial that technique is. Anyone be interested on hearing this?
  3. Oh yeah, sorry didn't read that. I get the feeling there won't be any girls onboard for Bermuda. Matt didn't mention any to me, and neither does Luke's tweet. USA press release talks about C-J being flight control and then handing over to Moroz later in the season and that Perez is still out in Hawaii. I think this makes some sense in that most teams won't have had any opportunity to really select females. Plus it really opens up options after the Olympics as you imagine most the talent will be coming from Nacra and FX campaigns.
  4. It's the same as last time. I'm not entirely sure where the female members will fit in yet. The INEOS sailGP team were all on the AC team. I think Richard Mason didn't get any race time in Auckland. Plus, Goobs is back onboard. If anything, this team is more practiced together now than they were when they did the Sydney event. At that point Matt Gotrell and Richard Mason and I think Luke Parkinson had done very little directly with Ben.
  5. I am not a fan of nationality rules. But then I am not very nationalistic. I get that for some national teams adds to the 'buy in'. But for me, beyond some initial hook, I tend to end up finding other reasons to root for particular teams. The other sport I follow quite a bit of is cycling, where teams are based in countries, but really represent a sponsor. I end up cheering teams where I like the ethos / characters / tactics / underdogs etc. I find all of that a greater link to a team than proximity of birthplace. I also wonder how valuable strong nationality rules are to sponsors (
  6. There's plenty of alternatives, I listed them. But why swap Ben out if: a) his helming is up to standard, and b) he's the mega draw for sponsors to the team? Instead a) bring some more creative thinkers in to the sailing team b) give existing sailing team members space to go and be inventive (A-Class, Moth, mini, speed record). c) make sure people don't feel stupid being wrong in front of Ben
  7. Well, hard to tell, as no one else has had a go. But there are plenty who I think have the potential to be on the same level. Whether that's better or not you could only know by giving them the stick and trying them out... but: Giles Scott, Leigh McMillan, Goobs within the team. Then Goody, Dylan Fletcher, Ben Saxton, James Peters. But my point is with the those sailor backgrounds, is that they're all good enough, but they're experience as a group is one design. Theres no one on the roster with a really development class outlook. A team is about getting the right mix, not just
  8. I've been told same lineup from Sydney. I think the nationality rule is sliding a little. If you want sponsors for all teams I think this is the way forward. Also think it's good for the sailors to have more of a transfer market.
  9. Ben: Optimist, Laser, Finn Giles: Topper, Laser, Finn Bleddyn: Topper, 29er, Laser, 49er Leigh: Oppy, Laser, Hobie, Tornado Luke Parkinson: Oppy, Mirror, 29er, 49er So... all pretty narrow one designs, even the tornado by the time leigh was sailing them. Leigh and Luke have both done bit of moth sailing, leigh has definitely done a worlds. Bleddyn owned a moth but not sure he ever did events or much competitive sailing in one. Giles and Ben have never sailed a development class in a meaningful way. The UK has a great history of development classes, however, from
  10. Ben: Optimist, Laser, Finn, America's Cup.
  11. Ben has no issues with large foiling boats. And I think he would be second to none in terms of wrenching the last drops of speed from any platform given to him. I would imagine ben being pretty technical too. But, possibly not 'inventive'. In fact, it's true of most of our sailing talent, that is so focused to one design. The afterguard are certainly some of the best racers we have to offer, and Bleddyn offers very good engineering expertise... but, I'm not sure they (or leigh for that matter) have spent the same time hacking boats in the like Ashby, Blair and Pete have. Not sure wh
  12. Talking bollocks about boats on the internet! It's been great to find a niche of people on the internet who are just as fascinated with these boats and how they work. Hopefully we've added a little something. But a big thanks must go to the anarchists who have allowed me to share their material to a wider audience. @weta27 @erdb @dorox @MaxHugen, plus those who have contributed anomalously. ... bit fearful of the next time I post a video of my own sailing... who knows, maybe Pete Burling will give me a taste of my own medicine, rip it from YouTube, pull it to pieces and draw over my
  13. I think INEOS would like to bring the AC75s to the Solent. But I doubt it has to be the actual match. More that they've lost out on a world series and a good showing on home waters would hopefully peak some wider interest. Regarding a round the island race, whilst INEOS have sailed round before, it was in very light winds. I'm not saying they couldn't hold a race in this format with this class... but the boats would be purposefully built for that race and likely look quite different to the boats we've seen this cycle (unless they had a very narrow wind range). So, I think that's unlikely.
  14. I'm not sure what you would do with deflection along the wing during racing. But, I think it could be very useful for post sailing analysis. And if they're using fibre optics or something similar then it will be baked in to the foil. They're so light and low volume that I can't imagine you'd gain anything from having them be removable (even if it could be done non-destructively). Nathan Outteridge in his interview on PlanetSail. He was talking about making sure the foil was neutral (i.e no lifts or sucking down) before trying to raise it, to make a smooth lift.
  15. Terry says they would have to build new boats, but would they? Only LR would have to build a new boat right? Or use their first boat (unlikely but possible) as it has been defeated in the cup match? Obviously any new teams are going to struggle to get involved in 18 months time. But for new teams I think it's more about security of the AC75 being the class in 2024(ish) that is a important, and whether or not there is another cup next year or not is probably of less importance.
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