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  1. All fair.... The last part is the one that is the most salient. Listened to an NPR piece not long after the election and 1/6 about family members trying to deprogram their trump loving relatives who were not despondent over what they were slowly coming around to was a scam and a farce. But even in the face of overwhelming evadents, they still were trying to cling to what they thought they had bought into. I wonder how much of that is true "programming" and how much is just a violent reaction to suddenly finding out they've been had and didn't want to admit it, for fear of looking like
  2. I find myself reluctantly agreeing with you. I'm going to go take a shower now.
  3. It's like explaining color to a blind guy. I really don't know why I ever respond to you since you already know everything. But I made a decent effort to anyway. You said that a main tactic of brainwashing was limiting information. Information was not actively limited to them, they self limited by choosing to consume faux and similar BS. That means they were predisposed to choosing an infor outlet that confirmed their already pre-existing bias. They could turn the channel at any time.
  4. Score: 74 Welcome to the vast, complex, and sometimes contradictory American middle. This is where half of those surveyed by Monmouth University landed. Like D'r - I hate yes to no tests. I also answered a lot of 7 and 3 and several 5s - which likely drove up the score. The test was BS because the questions were so obviously over the top one way or the other. Subtlety and nuance was not in their playbook
  5. No, I get that. I'd just like to understand her game. Is she bluffing with a 7-2 offsuit or is she sitting on a heart flush?
  6. We just started eviction proceedings on our deadbeat tenant. We gave her every opportunity to pay and she's playing the "fuck you, I dare you to toss me" game. Cool, game on.
  7. No, pilot walked away without a scratch.
  8. Not with ammo prices the way they are now...... A mass shooting could cost the shooter several hundred $$ at current rates.
  9. But if the bipartisan one has a chance of passing, and it seems it does...... why would you drag it out just for optics?? That makes no sense. If Pelosi delinked the two bills, she could conceivably get both passed.
  10. I know. It's been a long day and I need a drink. Got to go see the aftermath of a light airplane crash just outside our base about 10 miles off the end of the runway. At first we thought it was one of our jets that we lost. But was a light civie that belly landed on the highway. I was up in the tower on duty when it happened and it was chaos for a bit until I was able to get a roll call from all the jets airborne.
  11. Re: the two infrastructure bills. The first one $(1.5T) just got bipartisan approval from the senate group. The larger $3.5T one that Biden wants to go through budget reconciliation - Pelosi is saying they must be passed together. I honestly don't get her strategery here. Why not get one signed into law and then do the other one right behind it. By linking the larger one that no R has gotten on board with and will most likely pass with 51 D votes (including Kamala's tie breaker) threatens to scuttle both. I could very easily see Bitch McConnell saying no to the first one if the D's a
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