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  1. FUK you! I just spit up my coffee over that meme. Brilliant!
  2. I'm in no way suggesting that we deliberately kill people off. But it is a fact that if the planet had a few less Billion people on it - it would be a healthier place. Perhaps COVID was just Mother Nature doing a dress rehearsal. Anywho..... Despite @Meat Wad's often scatterbrained musings, he's correct on this topic. One of the biggest contributing factors, IMHO, is population density. The vast majority of the murder in the US occurs in densely populated urban centers. Not many mass shootings or daily gang war shootings are happening in rural KS, despite the likely fact that the va
  3. I think the real way to reduce people killing other people is to have less people...... not less gunz. Just saying....
  4. Some make no sense whatsoever. Some do. The two that stand out to me are the 80% lowers called "ghost guns" and the pistol braces. The 80% lowers are definitely a way to circumvent the purchasing process that requires BGCs. If you want to manufacture your own weapons, as some do - you can apply for and get an FFL SOT 7 license or go through the BATF Form 1 process. I just don't see it being a reasonable avenue for the vast majority of folks who want an AR. The pistol brace thing is a joke, right up there with Bump Stockas. I actually have a "pistol" of a cloned MP-5. The pistol "br
  5. Pussy and beer. What could be better than that???
  6. I think it's a fucktabulous idea to have most of the humans removed from the planet. Given you are a fan of more cats and birds - why don't you go first and remove yourself? Just make sure to let your cat out first......
  7. We are both right. But usual, it's always a little more complicated. https://www.npr.org/transcripts/613832893 Note the GOP tax bill in 2018 took a big chip out of the mortgage interest deduction and it's negative effect on the economy.
  8. Wtf is racist about pointing out FACTS that blacks are vaxx hesitant and asking if the ire Sol and the rest of you feels for people who refuse to get vaccinated also extends to them? Or do they get a pass because of their black skin and the hatred is only allowed for white men? nothing whatsoever racist about that question. Someone needs to get through their thinking fucking head that not every question or comment that doesn’t conform to your SJWNJ talking points is racist. In fact I would submit that YOUR post attempting to shut down any conversation about the topic IS in fact th
  9. Funny story..... I had an all wheel drive Ford Edge Sport in the UAE. Great car, fast enough for what I wanted. Able to haul dive gear and 4 people to dive sites on weekends. Not too big to be a land yacht. One day SWMBO and I were on the way to Oman for a weekend of diving. There was a crash on the major highway miles and miles up ahead that stopped traffic cold and was likely to be that way for hours. The crash was a good 10 miles+ up ahead and we were literally going to miss the boat if we had waited. I jumped on the googles and looked at maps to see if there was a way out or around
  10. Sounds like you've nailed the gun control mentality to a fucking Tee!
  11. I frankly don't care. People should give to charity because they want to, not because you get $$ for it. It's a ponzi scheme anyway. Every $ that is deducted from your taxes is a $ that comes out of the US tax coffers. Why not just fund charities directly from the .gov instead of this complex scheme of deductions. There's far too many loopholes and "charities" that nothing but tax havens. I say end all that shit. Especially end the mortgage interest deduction. It's the #1 (or close to it) tax give away to rich people. End all deductions and have a single sheet of paper to pay ta
  12. I get that. But if the end result is the same, does it matter?
  13. What about LBJ? He was the biggest war crim of them all.
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