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  1. And this thread btw - is a classic example of why I've gotten bored with this place. Its like old women constantly bickering at each other over bridge.
  2. See, I don't consider that an insult to Docery directly. And insult to his mother maybe, but the stupid part is 100% true.
  3. No he is absolutely lucky to be alive and I supported his right to Self-Defense all the way through. But he also made some poor choices to be there with a rifle at age 17 and the Jury could easily have gone either way. He should count his lucky charms he's not in Federal "fuck me in the ass" prison right now getting gang tats and being the head white supremacist's girlfriend in order to stay alive. Just saying.
  4. My suggestion isn't one of your options..... I would immediately admit them (UKR) into NATO and then dare the russians to cross the border. Article 5 baby. Problem SOLved.
  5. If you're hungry enough after anough days of not eating - then raw squirrel tastes..... not terrible.
  6. So, I got no problem with that. In fact, if she wants to bring her GF's around - I'd be fine with that as well. Just saying.....
  7. How the fuck is it possible that you can be the "lawful owner" of the firearm after purchasing it unlawfully?? How is that any different than if I bought a Porsche from someone who stole it? I would have no legal claim to the car in court at that point. Personally, I think kyle needs to stfu and count his lucky stars he's not in a max security prison for life right now.
  8. I agree about the poor shooting form. He needs to keep his legs straighter........
  9. If that's his wife, he's an idiot! He also likely was afraid that if he did anything to piss her off, she would squash him like a bug. I loves me some muscled wimmenz! Rawwwwr! Send her my way, I'll give her a good transitional home to chill out at.
  10. TLDR. Reader's Digest version please.
  11. That genie is long out of the bottle. Doesn't matter how much of a saint the kid is, there are 100 1000 Fox New's lining up to take it's place.
  12. Because if they ejected, a U2 pilot most likely would be in territory he/she wasn't supposed to be in or anywhere near. And not somewhere that would be easy to send a rescue helo to come get them, unlike a "normal" combat zone. Think North Korea, Russia, China, etc. So they would be expected to evade capture for a significant amount of time on the ground. So having a suppressed pistol makes sense in that context if you think about it. You might need to pop that one soldier that got too close to your hidey hole without alerting his buddies for miles. You might also use it to hunt ra
  13. This is complete speculation on my part. I suspect Pooty (who hacked the DNC, remember?) has goods on most of congress. All he'd need to do is share a few juicy bits about Sinema and/or Manchin with Moscow Mitch and then sit back let the turtle do his dirty work. Involving 2 Dem senators makes sense in a plan like this as you'd want a backup incase one of them suddenly had a come-to-jesus moment. Nah, I don't think so - re the Russian angle. Poots would have far more to gain by having this stuff pass that 1) bleeds the American treasury dry with yet another lifetime of en
  14. So when Rupert croaks, you don't think his progeny will not continue the spreading of hate mongering??? Zactly..... and not just his spawn. There are far too many people out there who $ee the value in all that hate $peech on $ocial media. Nothing is going to turn that spigot off anytime soon, I'm sad to report.
  15. The short answer is that YES, it is absolutely appropriate to wish for the deaths of idiots who deny mountains of evadents to the contrary.
  16. Concur. It's kinda like the Purge, but they are doing it to themselves. I endorse that behavior. I didn't use to, but now I see the wisdom in all these people who refuse to mask up, distance and get jabbed. I wholeheartedly support their right to self-murder.
  17. I agree. For the same reason I don't put any gun stickers on my car. 1) I don't like to advertise and 2) it's none of your fucking business what I do or who I affiliate with. In fact I find most people with bumper stickers, especially with lots of them, are nothing more than attention whores. It's no different than people on farcebook who post what they had for lunch. LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!!
  18. I don't get the "Let's go Darwin" slogan. I assume it a rebuke of the Let's go Brandon meme and making fun of people who don't mask or get vaccinated?? If so, that's fucken funny!
  19. Thank you for that explano. And I 1000% agree with the idea that every politician should be held accountable for their vote. And they must be there to defend that vote one way or the other. None of this BS of not showing up or voting absent. If the GOP doesn't want the voting rights bill to pass, then they should be required to tell the American public why. Personally, there are some aspects of the VR bill that I wouldn't vote for either. But I would have no issue explaining why. They should be required to do the same. BTW - what is up with sinema?? What is she gaining in all of t
  20. So having been out of the country for a number of years, I didn't pay a ton of attention to the intimate detail of the US political sausage making. But when the fook did the filibuster because a "just don't show up to work" thing instead of having to take the floor for 24 hours?? Also, I assumed that to have a filibuster, the opposition had to at least VOTE no to deny the 2/3 need to advance debate. Schumer was quoted this morning that the GOP can filibuster by just sitting in their offices and not even showing up. IS this true? Or was that typical political hyperbole on Chuck's part?
  21. HO LEE FUK! I heard about this on NPR a day or two ago but hadn't seen the pics. How the FUCK does this shit happen?? Oh yeah, never mind. It's Kaliforn-i-a. The land of fruitz and nutz where stealing something under $950 is not considered a crime worth the po-LEECE's time.
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