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  1. Jackdaw


    Hey all, sorry for the radio-silence here; when I swapped between my and the company account the notifications got turned off! Anyhow: We are days away from announcing the delivery date; lots of moving parts but its come together. The BEST way to know is to subscribe to our mailings; do that at the form at the bottom of our home page. The pre-sale is winding down; act NOW to secure your US$100 savings. If anyone has a track issue, send me a message and I get you sorted with an updated firmware. Cool news, we inked an agreement with New Zealand sailing team to supply At
  2. Love the U20, but if kelp is an issue, leave this one off the list. We have a kind of freshwater kelp (Milfoil) on Lake Minnetonka, anf the shit simply STOPS the boat. I've taking to jumping in, and while holding on at the shroud base, putting my feet on the keel and pushing it down and off. Apparently there was a kelp cutter/pusher in the original design, but it didn't make it to production. Sad.
  3. Well, the class IS looking for a builder... or at least someone to store the molds. Funny enough, I had an email exchange with JA yesterday.
  4. I was more in awe of that trick boom.
  5. Indeed. In breeze with a non-overlapping headsail, the 367 goes to wind like a witch. I think it was two years back, in a breezy mostly upwind Chi-Mac; IIRC over half of the top-10 in ORC were 367s.
  6. Funny you mention the U20.... its our 'fun boat', and the one we jump on for simple sailing pleasure and speed. I've owned 4 racy/cruisy boats in the 30s, and the next one has to plane, and do so under non-hero conditions.
  7. Cracked. Its why you often see these rings suspended by a loop of strong shock cord from the lower Ds. Keep them away from the windows.
  8. But 14,100 lbs?? That's 1k over my old 36.7, a boat that would not plane if you sailed it off the edge of the earth.
  9. I've seen three broken 'windows' on Pogos. I broke one of them.
  10. Ass end view. Lots of clever touches, but I would not look forward to breaking the long window with a flailing floating jib lead ring...
  11. Ah.. I left of the 'much more than ' The 367 was all of 13k.
  12. Perhaps. But the last (non-planing) First 35 sold what, 10 hulls? That's certainly not anybody's market. This is really a Seascape, and more along the lines of Pogo than Oceanis. If they keep it light I'm guessing it will do just fine. Bloat it like the old First 30 JK, and they'll sit.
  13. Hopefully this. The Pogo 12.5 is an absolute rocket off the wind, but also vey large. The secret? Empty volume weights nothing.
  14. Hmm. I had a First 36.7 That weighed 11500, and it was made out of solid glass with a fully kitted interior. The stated design goal for the First 36 was: To me this says they must have targeted the J/111 in terms of a performance envelope. but as you note, we've have to wait and see. Is it more Beneteau, or more Seascape??
  15. I'm optimistic, and impatiently waiting for the published light displacement. At or below 9000 lbs and it has my FULL attention.
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