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  1. Jackdaw


    While we did do an update last month, it was a small one; it allows OD racing in fleets that cannot use the 'line' feature. The Track Logging is in final testing, it's going to be great. We sadly had a family tragedy in our development group that slowed us down. But we're back at it 100%. You'll be able to review the tracks from your mobile device on the way in to the dock. USB cables? That's so 2010. Late but worth it.
  2. I'm looking for someone that is going that way. Win-win. Not a commercial deal. Happens all the time. If that's not you, move along citizen, nothing to see here.
  3. My U20 (1800 lbs all-in on the trailer) is in Canyon Lake TX, and needs to come home to Minneapolis. Anyone making the drive? I'll pay gas and a reasonable 'hassle fee' to anyone that can get her within say 5-6 hours of Minneapolis. All the way to Minny? I'll throw in a good bottle of rum!
  4. Wow. I want your job. Or at least it's benies!
  5. While the question was rhetorical, you're right of course. Which leads to the real question. When the Apple Watch first came out, they made a US$10,000 version in solid fucking gold. Just like the aluminum one, just gold. You were the cat's ass until the Apple Watch 2 came out, and suddenly you have a US$10,000 antique watch. The MARQ has all the hallmarks of a $2000 swiss made automictic watch; sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel insert etc, but these watches in 20 years you'll be able to had down to your kids with pride. This thing? Not so much.
  6. Bigger question; why is the 'MARQ Captain' functionality shown above not available to regular Fenix watch owners as an app??
  7. The key is a lifting keel. A Seascape/First 27 will rock your world for much less cash. So will First 27.7, but there are only 2 in the USA. But a Pogo will also have to be imported, so maybe that part of the cost model nulls out? If you wanna come try a 27.7, you know how to reach me. Hell, I can also arrange a ride on a Seascape 27. Or a Pogo 12.5 (Bayfield) for that matter.
  8. Jackdaw


    Please send me a DM or email and lets chat. And ANYONE else that is interested in OD capability where functions are class limited. The first version just tuned off the the LINE function, be we can do more. And we can verify (after the fact or in teal-time) what mode the device(s) are in.
  9. Jackdaw


    Hey @Clockwork thx for keeping us on out toes here! The big logging release is still up and getting its finishing touches... but we did actually DID drop a SW version this month; a One Design-ready version that turns off line pinging. It was a HUGE hit at the Melges 15 regatta last week. If you want to send me your Altas SN I'll be sure to get the SW to you ASAP. Let me know!
  10. Jackdaw


    This is: Up next Due in DAYS Will be TOTALLY worth the wait. Really. Smooth. Seamless. Detailed. Wireless.
  11. There is no connection between the two paints. At all, except letters in the name. We used VC Offshore (Baltoplate) on the First 36.7 in Lake Superior, and it was the bomb. Smooth, fast, no growth (not like thats a huge problem here) and lasted for years. Switching will take a real good strip or a sodablast.
  12. FROM Minneapolis, tons. IN Minneapolis? ZERO Although I did know of a dude that wintered in his Hunter 26 at the yard at Hoopers Yachts. Had it wrapped in blankets and had a heater running 100% duty.
  13. Late to the party Amigo, but another vote for the Honda 2.x. 1/2 the cost 2x the autonomous range, the slight weight difference will only matter in world class programs, which neither of us have to worry about! While slightly fiddly, I like the gradual slip into brokenness OBs have, unlike the dual 'works great or dead' modes of the Torqueedo that weirds me out.
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