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  1. There's just something inherently heavy about infusion. We make compromises in our cores in order to create pathways for resin flow...point A to point B. Those pathways eventually become full of resin rather than being foam. Resin is heavier than foam. My other observation about infusion is that "laminating" becomes a discarded art. The "laminator" loads the lam sched into the tool and throws a bag on it assuming that all is good....open the valves and let the resin flow... In reality, infusion fiber laying requires focused placement and some form of debulking. I have seen a lot of really b
  2. That guy is magician with the grinder....those tapers he ground in were .2mm thick each.....not 2mm, two tenths of a millimeter. They looked perfect.
  3. I wouldn't use Nada-Core for anything more structural than furniture.
  4. I cant stop watching that.
  5. Sounds reasonable. If we cross paths, I'll pony up....
  6. You Know....a lot of us grew up sailing in LIS. It was a good place to start because we lived there and there was some good talent there. Some of us moved on to bigger boats and more far-fetched parts of the world. LIS has always been a hot bed of talent. But no more so than any other part of the world. Its just that my vision of a world class sailor is not some trash-talking J29 sailor...a local hero; or weekend warrior...whatever you want to call him. Give him his props...he's due. But lets call a weekend warrior... a weekend warrior. A world class sailor is the guy sailing the J29
  7. Thats a brilliant response.....just the sort of thing I would expect from someone who says "I've forgotten more about the sport than they will ever know.." Do you really say this stuff with a straight face? I'll bet one of your other favorites is "I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck" You are a little, little man.
  8. Oh my god. You are such a clown. YOU SAIL A FUCKING J29 FOR GODS SAKE!!! You cant really take yourself this seriously. Get a grip my friend and get out in the larger world. It might do your ego well.
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