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  1. Why would you care if the yard is operational, retired or went bankrupt? The boat does not need to go back. Long list of nice boats out there that the yards have stopped building. Bikes.. hmm yea the A-40 with the twin helms does look like a big road bike
  2. Where is $125,000.-$160,000. better spent So the A-40 is a bit faster, dual wheels, carbon rig and newer J-120's have a strong following. Plenty quick for a race/cruise boat
  3. Julie Yacht Transport has a very good reputation. Good equipment. Not the cheapest.
  4. The last left turn before Bert Jabins. Not sure what the name is. CCSI or some initials close.
  5. I am amazed they used traditional varnish and not one of the Awlgrip products. The bow seat drains look tiny. Maybe there are others not shown in the video Like boating in a violin
  6. The Grand Slam boats were dagger board boats. I owned and raced a 22 way back in the early '80's names Banzai. The boat had one overall group win. That was the race I turned the boat over to the crew so I could get married. :-/
  7. I am 70 so I have the same concerns. The ideal boat for me , easy to handle and good flat working surfaces is the Class 40.
  8. Is this the former Promises? Promises was a 1989 that sold in Annapolis in 2006 for $68,000. Just factor in 15 more years of depreciation :-) There was a 1988 that was in St Marys maybe donated to the college. She sold for 28K (Fitikoko) then went to Chicago and sold in 2008 for 36,500. 10/2008. The 2008 sale looked like a pretty sweet ride. I bought a 1984 or so NY36 for 17K, spent 125K on a refit and sold it for 21K. So noodle all that and drop the price to 29,500. if she is healthy and take $22-25
  9. The must frustrating part of trucking boats is the late delivery. You assume they pick it up and drive to the delivery. Ha. The boat and trailer gets dropped in a storage yard waiting for a return trip in your area. Then you get the email that the trailer bearings failed and damaged a hub which is on back order. The parts just arrived but the tech's dog was hit by a car and he will not be able to install them for 9 days.
  10. This one works for me and you get interest free financing! Brooklin Boat Yard Day sailor
  11. Add a carbon taller fractional rig with swept back spreaders since you need new sails anyway. Get rid of the running backs and 2 more winches. Maybe this is not the right tool for the job. Too bad she does have eyes
  12. First thing would be to set a small dumpster next to the boat and get rid of the 5 PC's, inverters, excess batteries, freezer in the bow, 4 winches, symmetrical spinnaker gear and pole, transom mast and Flir, Sat telephone dome, unnecessary loose gear, books, spares for the spares, too many tools...
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