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  1. Other than old, white and wood house there are zero similarities in the two boats
  2. C&C out of the custom yard
  3. I looked at Running Tide yesterday from the dock. Very impressive ole girl she is. What a mix of modern tech on the classic boat.
  4. Good to know. I will be going over the 6th st bridge ln my morning jog so I will have a peek.
  5. Where is Running Tide now one week before the start of A2N? Not on Marine Traffic.
  6. She should be a uphill monster. Downhill not so much Old News Article
  7. I will be at the Saturday start June 5th in my downeast boat to take photos.
  8. Impressive fleet with 2 former heavy weights.
  9. I noticed this on the Annapolis to Newport web site: Most frequent competitor: 21 races for E. Newbold Smith, starting in 1957 with Gailliard and continuing with his various Reindeers. Overall winner in 1961, first in class in 1961, 1963, 1995, second in class four times (this boat?) (1967, 1981, 1987, 1993), third in class three times (1989, 1999, 2001) and fourth in class twice (1965 and 1997).
  10. Yea the Mass MA took the boat in on donation 10 days ago. Unload 1200# of unnecessary gear, spares, redundant crap and they sprinkle some $$ over her for batteries such she will be a fun platform. I went through the sail inventory that was in the front of the storage locker and every sail I opened was junk. Better go through them all fast and see what you need to order. I like the boat overall. Impressive inside and out. Not going to be super fast but should do well at her rating with some breeze.
  11. Why would you care if the yard is operational, retired or went bankrupt? The boat does not need to go back. Long list of nice boats out there that the yards have stopped building. Bikes.. hmm yea the A-40 with the twin helms does look like a big road bike
  12. Where is $125,000.-$160,000. better spent So the A-40 is a bit faster, dual wheels, carbon rig and newer J-120's have a strong following. Plenty quick for a race/cruise boat
  13. Julie Yacht Transport has a very good reputation. Good equipment. Not the cheapest.
  14. The last left turn before Bert Jabins. Not sure what the name is. CCSI or some initials close.
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