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    Live in southern Ontario in summer, spring and fall cruising BC coast, winter somewhere warm, usually Mexico.
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    old spiced rum, older whiskey, pretty girls, my GOB.

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  1. I farm for my land to take advantage of the tax considerations, but can only do it until I run out of money.
  2. Gouv, that happens to me a lot these days.
  3. In my youth I loved the speed, the rush, the racing and all of that. In middle age it was the going places, the cruising friends made, the ports we visited and all of that. Now much later in life I love to gunkhole around home and on the West Coast of Canada with minimal sail set, maybe 3 knots out of my 4 knot shit boxes, light winds, beautiful surroundings, a peaceful anchorage at the end, and all of that.
  4. A family friend gave me an old wreck of a flat bottom rowboat when I was about 10 yrs old. I rowed that boat about a mile down the river beside our house to school each day, weather permitting, and have been an absolute boat nut ever since. Sailing came later, and still sail a lot at 67 yrs later.
  5. Our drama coach Prime Minister trying to get some votes out of us great unwashed and a completely stupid tax which will provide no net taxes to his government.
  6. Me either, now bums would be better.
  7. Thanks lots of good info. We are at a very popular marina in the Salish sea and our particular dock obviously has some AC problems because everyone complains of having to change zincs often. Have talked to the marina and so far they don't want to do anything about it. Unplug is a good idea!
  8. Until the whole world is vaccinated at least to 80 or so percent, they are probably a good idea.
  9. Or you could just hire Justin Trudeau to ramrod the clean up and after all of the above he would promise to have the cleanup completed by the end of 2027.
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