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  1. Until the whole world is vaccinated at least to 80 or so percent, they are probably a good idea.
  2. Why are they so expensive.
  3. Or you could just hire Justin Trudeau to ramrod the clean up and after all of the above he would promise to have the cleanup completed by the end of 2027.
  4. Hope not to go broke, just bought a new to me Mirage 27, to keep on the Great Lakes, and keeping, till I run out of money, my CS36 on the wet coast.
  5. Fuji 32, worm gear steering, on my 34 wheel was at back of cockpit so sit beside it. Owned a 34 for about 10 yrs. in the 80's. Comfortable boat, we did the Thorny Path to the Caribbean in it. Bit of a pig to weather so it took awhile but we were comfortable.
  6. OOPS, sorry people I should check dates before posting, sorry.
  7. If that appendage sticking out of the bottom is the leg of the OMC outboard motor they put in some of these boats, runaway now. If that engine has been replaced with a diesel saildrive it may be OK. I have done the trip both ways, Florida through the islands, and offshore out to 66 then turn right. The offshore route is the easiest, but you may not have fuel, provisions and etc. to do that. The Island route, is not easy as it is something like 1400 miles mostly dead to wind and close to a lot of pretty scary shorelines, reefs, and worse than senseless things, and quite a bit of it must b
  8. Because my wife and I were both pilots that did specialized type of work, often on contract, we were able to sail our boat to the Carib. and spent 13 yrs cruising about 6 months of the year. We were able to do this when reasonably young so enjoyed it more than some older cruisers who developed health problems. If you have the kind of job that will allow this it is a great way to cruise. One thing we noticed with some long time cruisers that had sold it all and gone sailing was that when it became time for them to quit and go home, they hadn't anticipated that they were living on a depre
  9. About 16 wild turkeys, one of these days I am going to invite one in for dinner.
  10. Worked for private contractor from Calgary, mostly supplying fuel and supplies to seismic cat trains of many companies taking advantage of the Pip grants available then. (petroleum incentive grants). Twin otters on extra large tires.
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