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  1. What boat did you buy? The Express 37 is fantastic!
  2. I'd think if you're in and around the Pilots Point area you'd be fine...you can't adjust the keel while in a slip or underway.
  3. nope, just don't hit anything!! seriously, there are 3 between Southport and Black Rock on the CT side...where would your boat be? LIS has plenty of boats that draw more than 7' just stay behind a J44!!
  4. Looking good fellas!! Can't wait to splash in the USofA
  5. It makes noise....not the quietest engine, but pretty reliable.
  6. Red Stripe rates 51 on Long Island Sound
  7. Too bad, would've been a nice boat
  8. Yeah, he killed it with those turkey sandwiches!
  9. http://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=1218
  10. 17.1 knots ripping down the backside of Block on the Around the Island Race today!!...new best for Red Stripe.
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