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  1. Fellow crew got ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and there was a fund raiser for him in Newport a few years ago. I donated ~25 red hats for the auction. The hats were a hit on the auction block... much better than I had anticipated.
  2. 2020 Singer "heavy Duty" 4423 went through 5 layers of Sunbrella and single layer of webbing, no problem.
  3. The boat is just a couple blocks away from the Snake River. Easy trip down the Snake into the Columbia and out to the Ocean. 4 days?
  4. Could be a performer! Any hope of someone finishing it? https://www.popyachts.com/schooner-sailboats-for-sale/custom-96-3-masted-schooner-project-in-clarkston-washington-143811
  5. I have that information... But I want to know if the boat has any bad habits, structural issues, design flaws, etc. Derecktor 30 pic[510].pdf
  6. Does anyone have any information on this 30' Tender? Derecktor 30 pic[510].pdf
  7. There is one for sale in the classifieds under used sails...
  8. Didn't Espo elected to sail PHRF in KW instead of sailing in the J-29 one-design class??
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