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  1. Sort of surprising that the French, with all their success with alloy monohulls and love of multihulls did not take this route. Eric Taberly's Pen Duick 3, 4 and 5 were alloy and each ground breaking. What is the plating thickness and alloy grade jmurph and love the name Twocan with her bare alloy topsides.
  2. Getting off mrybas subject but there ain't much going on elsewhere - I built an Airex foam cored, unidirectional/CSM glass skinned, polyester resin, Kelsall trimaran in 1978. Despite the best efforts of three derelict owners totally neglecting and abusing the boat after the second owner and I had enjoyed twenty years of outstanding structural performance the boat is STILL a candidate for a thorough refinish/refit - these materials of construction are absolutely awesome. Check out the Triple Jack story. My second build was Divinycell cored, all unidirectional glass skinned, Vinyl Est
  3. No corrosion and you can see how much propane is inside without pulling the tank - excellent product.
  4. Summer Magic, Mike? I will take out the vintage, brass, clock and barometer.
  5. So this is MUCH more interesting, a concept that deserves a lot more development offering the stability of an outrageously wide trimaran on the "Atlantic" board and minimal hull drag for light air performance on the Pacific board. I think this looks like a load of fun for a protected waters retirement toy - I could go for this!
  6. When Ryan was looking at options to dock/fix Jzerro I offered my New Jersey facility and it certainly did occur to me that he could have switched rides for his adventure. Just sitting these two, real world, offshore proven vessels side by side and reviewing the fine print in each execution would have been of great interest to both parties.
  7. Trying to stay away from this BUT - Why does a trimaran need to have "a longer ama, with more buoyancy, at least 100%" to match proa stability? An Atlantic proa derives it's stability in exactly the same way as a trimaran - buoyancy to leeward so the the ama design has to deliver all the same requirements. A Pacific proa utilizes the weight of the ama to provide righting moment and light ship that's pretty modest. By adding weight to weather (climbing up the beam/adding water ballast) the righting moment can be increased. When the leeward ama is fully immersed (and doing so caus
  8. At this juncture the shortcomings of the design and construction of that accommodation/reserve buoyancy wing seem a little cynical given Ryan's predicament, without more information a lot of it is conjecture. I have been out where he is in similar conditions - but in June - it's big boy stuff. The guy obviously is very capable, knows his boat well and is only out there right now because he has the balls to undertake such a lofty endeavor with the resources at his disposal. Fingers crossed Ryan makes it safe to shore and brings Jzerro with him so she get's fixed and lives to wow him a
  9. Sure looks like some quality work!
  10. I used Commanders on several deliveries, they are excellent.
  11. My Saint Francis is currently set up that way, new chainplates are finished but not installed - too cold and wet here right now - will share a picture when they are. In the meantime I will drill and radius a hole in a thick (same as the alloy) slab of quality carbon laminate I have and then slide a length of dyneema back and forth through it. Pretty confident the dyneema will start stranding in no time flat - will report back.
  12. I just use it in the mast where it has been engineered, braided, infused and autoclaved to justify the filaments potential and cost. Could not find anywhere else on the boat where it flies. My new chainplates, which incorporate the spectra lashing eyes, are 6061T6 alloy, cold and dark anodized and titanium bolted to the existing holes where the treacherous stainless steel (iron?) originals dwelt. The beautiful smooth finish in the eyes will let me sleep better avoiding the (small) potential that carbon would have for chafing through the lashings.
  13. Generalizing about “carbon” is confusing. The filament has spectacular tensile strength and when supported in column very good compressive numbers. Higher and lower modulus filaments, the ratio of filament to resin and that resins characteristics all yield different mechanical performance. Zingaro, suffered long term water absorption, degradation, delamination and flex fatigue which pretty much destroyed much of the wooden part of her structure. Dry wood expertly crafted and maintained has produced, what, hundreds on thousands of fine vessels. State of the art carbon fiber struc
  14. Are you talking about filament or matrix fail?
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