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  1. It is rather sad, as racinginparadise points out, that the enthusiasm seen for "legendary" old Newicks is lacking - for a more capable design! Volantis kept my wife and I safe in conditions that would have overwhelmed the similar sized Val or, for that matter an F31 and that's just talking form stability without getting into structural limits. She needs a glorified paint job for goodness sake - a tiny fraction of the Triple Jack rescue - the rig is like new - TJ's was destroyed.
  2. So in contrast to the progress on skippermartin's Tango I spoke to Volantis's long time owner yesterday and he told me he had given the yard in Essex permission to cut her up and put her in the dumpster as he is tired of paying the rent! Thinking back on our incredible experience building and sailing Volantis and the life changes we benefitted I am lost for words. I can only hope that multihuller will not allow Skateaway to suffer the same fate, both these boats are tougher than me. Volantis owner told me she was still in one piece and can be had for $0,00 and in my estimation t
  3. Meanwhile, on Summer Magic we are 56 miles from Wilmington, NC! - shiny side up, of course!
  4. Thermal expansion and contraction, possible (even soft) collision damage, crystalline salt and also ice action gnaw away at any flaws or cracks which develop particularly as the resin ages and becomes more brittle.
  5. OK, so how about some shots of the before and after - who knows these clueless "keyboard experts" might learn a thing or two while potential buyers are genuinely reassured. Did the top molding simply peel off the lower? Cementing components together without external filament wrapping is questionable at best.
  6. Huh - 50' substantial cruising trimaran so, what, at least 20 kg anchor and attached length of chain plus the furler and that lot beating the snot out of the shiny new bow while threatening to remove your fingers as you grapple with it - that is NOT a "pretty minor issue". The owner and his insurance company must feel relieved that the toy bowsprit didn't fail in it's other role supporting the anchor rode in a blow off a rocky lee shore - happens all the time blue water cruising.
  7. So I am thinking it's about time the Olympics reinstated a multihull into the competition and the additional expertise involved in getting the most out of this boat, level of physical agility and minimal cost compared to the wonderful but excluded Tornado make the Patin an awesome candidate.
  8. 5200 would do a better job - Hey, are we second guessing Rapido"s development mods here while we await news on (for me) the more important 40 footer launch and sailing impressions. 55 tons of lift in the amas on the 60 is incorrect so best not debate the more complex structural beam attachment issue, might get real confusing.
  9. It's a project - But have you ever gazed at a pile of lumber, some rolls of glass and drums of resin and imagined your finished boat - this project is actually far less of a dream but still intimidating.
  10. So if the amas have 55 tons of "float" and are 300% she weighs 18 tons?!?!?! Or at 200% she displaces 27.5 tons and then again the more conservative 150% ratio porks her up to 36 tons - OMG!! Just messing with you but you kinda asked for it
  11. But what of the 40' and 50' that this thread was created to follow?
  12. Fiery Cross was never built to F40 dimensions. Merfyn Owen designed her to F40 but lack of funds dictated the stern cut short to by 5' and the fractional rig chopped to the hound making her masthead at around 50'. She competed in the 1988 OSTAR in the 35' class breaking her daggerboard en-route. Her foam core construction used Termanto structural foam - cheap but not the best. I would guess the pictures are as old as she is but the price is cheap reflecting a project to make her half decent.
  13. So multihuller stopped by my place on his way south to his NC base with the Cross 48 and joined our late summer multi gathering. I figured we had around 582' hull length along the bulkhead. Mostly rebuilt great old 'uns looking better than today's offering of new 'uns! The Cross will sit there while he takes on the Welsh Adventure - Go Steve!
  14. $150 for the design is a steal - are there any finished, successful versions out there? If not or existing builds are dogs it might be worth shelling out the cash for the details that count in a properly engineered structure
  15. Didn't John Shuttleworth do this a long time ago. Build at or below design weight (assuming the math was done on the immersed volumes) and it will perform. Cram eight adults aboard with their gear and supplies to occupy all those berths and you will have a wallowing raft.
  16. Keep posting the progress shots - hopefully you will instruct and inspire others - keep her light a d build her right!
  17. That’s Wonderful - any pictures? I know that Volantis was at least the second example as the prototype, which we took out for a daysail when we collected the ama shells, was built by Derek’s yard, Sandwich Marine. We were later told that the prototype was abandoned, presumably lost in severe weather in the Bay of Biscay after the foreword beam fairings were smashed in by wave action while the boat was being steered from inside the stern cabin with the emergency tiller after the awful hydraulic wheel steering failed. Volantis was built with thicker glass skins and the foreword be
  18. There were two press releases put out by two of the participating skippers after the race. Both accounts detailed what each of the skippers would have liked to have occurred - sound familiar?
  19. Waiting for the owner to share his experience. He has a lot on his plate right now trying to effect salvage operations.
  20. OK - but you actually want to go SAILING, right? Sorry Steve - that one was under the belt- but I couldn’t resist!
  21. Ah - waiting on some magic from an insurance assessor - Good Luck with that one. His job is to steer the insurance company to fulfill it’s obligation a minimum cost - then the risk analysis team step up and that’s when either underwriting costs increase or the option disappears for these type and age vessels.
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