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  1. So Sad - FAST 40' trimarans are wonderful boats - what went wrong?
  2. Are you talking fast multihulls or monohulls?
  3. So, do I take that to mean "NO" Paul? I have been, optimistically, telling a couple of my NEMA south, buddies that the Rapido will be at the BDD this July to entice them to sail to MV for the race.
  4. Are we going to see Bob's 40 in New England this summer?
  5. So racing in flat water with a full attentive crew
  6. Fujii flipped while racing in flat water with a full attentive crew - right?
  7. Build two, new, somewhat related to physics and reality, hulls!
  8. Typically production boats are laminated in female molds to achieve a high quality external finish quickly and thus inexpensively. Gelcoats are heavy. Applying core material, particularly cross cut to conform with compound curves, is heavier than closely fitted pieces on a male mold - the gaps are resin rich. Infusion, largely adopted for VOC reduction, can give wide ranging results. Joining large molded components together often involves heavy flanges, mechanical fasteners covering moldings. Out of liability considerations the structure may be overbuilt. General
  9. For those not familiar with mrybas he took a well designed, fairly well built but tired offshore cat and completely rebuilt and optimized her into, in my opinion, a better than the current state of the art example. Read Modest Mike!
  10. It will be interesting to see if you do pick up any speed, as a minimum sliding up onto that platform out of the water should be easy.
  11. OhYes I did Kenny - but on improving sailing performance - just buying decent sails and being able to sheet them to a spot where they will actually flow and drive the boat. On a reciprocal course, both at 90 degrees, true we were drawing out our final leg today so only set the blade jib and here comes a "modern" design similar sized cat under full plain sail. Amazingly we are faster, consistently, under jib alone. I splashed his AIS data!
  12. Not single layer ply rather 1/8” (3 veneer) sandwiching a perimeter frame of 5/8” thick lumber
  13. Sweet - goose it up (production) on Bob's, need to get that boy set up for the NEMA season - you know he will sail and sell the hell out of it. Too late for me to race my tri there for competition and (sadly) there won't be a new Dragonfly 40 but we can bring what we got. Huge amount of bad mouthing and fawning on this topic so I will be very interested to see your new 40 in person - as you say she looks to be moving well in that brown soup, get Billy Black and Bob on the job for some decent sailing shots!
  14. Paul, can you give us an estimated delivery for Bob's 40 so we get to try one?
  15. Stock and modified jid sheeting points. Stock towards front of track for inefficient overlapping geoa - lots of extra area and drag. Modified inboard for non overlapping, vertical batten blade. Smaller area but more lift/drive.
  16. Modern development! That square top is SO easy to stow they didn't do it! Might be a tad too much parasitic drag for good upwind speed. Sarcastic but that is why I see the potential and have enjoyed the rewards of optimizing older designs before the charter market dictated development - because that's where the money is.
  17. Yesterday's island hop in our floating home. Wind, 17-20 @ 110 true, full main and jib. Double handing, 4 aboard ages 69, 70, 74 & 74. It has to be easy, no drama.
  18. So don't DDW and don't centerline the main! In any kind of weather, offshore, in the conditions we are endeavoring to reef this big mainsail as described I would be dumping the main completely on the F27 and wishing I had a whole lot more buoyancy foreword in the amas on the F36. Our directional control, under autopilot and diagonal stability allows us (my 69 year old wife and I) to reef as described.
  19. No chance of doing that with the loads I see and in a lighter, faster boat, sheeting the main amidships down wind in the conditions we are talking is dangerous if you stuff it and start to round up - get the swim wear out!
  20. So I was trying to be realistic with the weather conditions that would demand or at least be less exciting with a reef - that biggest, broad headed mainsail that we can cram on the rig is becoming an embarrassment! The faster the boat the less apparent wind pressure experienced as you run deep but conversely the increase as you round up is more - capsize potential - which makes clawing the sail down without rounding up more attractive. In order to free the mainsail from the lee shroud the apparent wind has to get behind it so the further outboard the boom can be eased the less you will ne
  21. Of course we were discussing inflatables, why on earth would we use a hard dinghy! I can deflate, roll it up and put the weight - all sixty five pounds of it sans the seat - anywhere I please on the boat but in the meantime the negligible additional upwind (where it matters) windage pales into insignificance when weighed against the convenience, efficiency and safety it offers. It planes with my 1997, three horsepower outboard - your computer generated fantasy depicts what, a fifteen?
  22. Snore - nothing to be learned here! Bunch of random generalizations, false claims and the assumption that if you repeat the myth enough times it becomes reality - it doesn’t. I am very familiar with the unstayed, ballestron rig, actually persuaded a very good friend to retain and refine it on a very light and well built Crowther 30 catamaran that he picked up super cheap BECAUSE of that awful performing rig - mostly because of the ease of handling. I designed and had built a beautiful new square top main and roached, vertical batten jib which increased the sail area over fifty percen
  23. So if the top 0.1% (1 in a 1000) would have to shell out 25% of their net worth to own a 68' sailboat (a foolish investment by somebody who apparently ain't that stupid) that speaks either to the rarity of the client (lots of other things to spend your money on) or the sad current value of a Yankee Dollar.
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