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  1. she's owned by FNOB, the organisers of the BWR, and they have sold her Is it the one that Kito de Pavant just bought? I saw a snippet that he just bought the former Hugo Boss.... but there are so many former Hugo Boss... yeah, Kito has bought VP3!
  2. she's owned by FNOB, the organisers of the BWR, and they have sold her
  3. It started happening when the covered cockpits came about, Macif and Banque pop were well forward last time around. Comes from the work VPLP/Verdier did with Comanche, they kept moving the mast back in the models and figured it works.
  4. Safran have released a drawing of their new IMOCA, which will be being built from the same plug as Banque Pop
  5. They now own the Juan K black and white boat, they're letting ex-Virbac Paprec and I think they've sold the Farr, so only the 1, don't quote me on that though
  6. Both the Farr and Ex-VP3 are out of the shed with the Hugo Boss guys. Pictures soon to follow apparently.
  7. Vsail said Ben would announce a full project in the last week of April, not sure where the details came from.
  8. From Jérémie Beyou's Facebook page
  9. I'd say Macif/Maitre Coq will be the closest you'll get in terms of actual bow volume
  10. Figaro young-gun Morgan Lagraviere will skipper Safran's new boat for the next Vendee, taking over from Guillemot after the Route du Rhum
  11. Spirit of Hungary was put on hold for a little while, waiting for the new rules to be passed. I think she's going with the OD keel/mast.
  12. Any news on when the site will be up?
  13. Ian, how much would a production hull with sails actually be?
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