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  1. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the help! I saw the D-splicer and have a kit on order...Seems like the ticket as far as tools go. I have the Selma's but they only get you so far... Cheers.
  2. Haven't run into any issues yet as I haven't started the project, but from experience splicing other lines with a tight cover (typically extracting the core or burying the splice) I was wondering if anyone had any tricks or special tools they use to help.
  3. I am looking for some tips or tricks to splicing lines with a tightly woven 24-plait cover (ie Atlas Backstay 99/NER WR2). Does anyone out there have any experience they are willing to share? I've been trying to find some info online but haven't been able to find anything. Thanks! https://www.alpha-ropes.com/index.php?id=433&fam=32&subfam=99&cat=10&pid=495 https://www.neropes.com/products/grand-prix-racing/product/detail/wr2-ultra/
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