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  1. Thanks Rambler, I have see the Kollition pants, would work if had padding in the butt/back thigh area.
  2. Thanks for the response, I like the concept of these with the zipper on/off. Unsure of how well they would stay up on the waist. Definitely looking forward something like this
  3. Looking for an all-in-one “tight-like” pant that has padding in both knee and butt area. The closest I’ve come to finding is the Zhik deckbeater long pants. Have also looked into paintball and baseball sliding pants, but these don’t have the padding in the butt area I’m looking for. Please share any other suggestions that have worked for you. Share also your opinion of the Zhik deckbeater if that is what you use. Goal is to keep my kit simple in having a dual purpose item with padding for dingy and big boat sailing that can be worn alone or under foulies. Thanks
  4. Paul Bieker...some very cool designs from him. Love the look of the Riptide 35.
  5. Nice work...Looks great!!! What was done to fix the keel stringers and the bow cap?
  6. What paint / system did you use? Shine looks really good. Also came upon your website...svshearwater.com...interesting reading. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Anyone out there own these and care to comment on the fit and why they like them over other brands. Pricey - absolutely!! Alternative for me would be the Musto MPX Race Salopettes.....use left over money for other gear. https://www.mustangsurvival.com/en_US/products/apparel/outerwear/ep-6.5-ocean-racing-salopettes-MP4500.html
  8. Couple of fresh water Pearson 26's....Gouv, you still building that fleet in Texas? https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/boa/d/pearson-26-sailboat/6289904520.html https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/boa/d/sailboat-pearson-26/6289108558.html
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