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  1. I could not watch more than one episode as it looked like a doomed voyage...but maybe I should watch more to see more Shit? It seemed like the whole thing was like watching Reid if he would have had a production crew along for his crazy cement boat ride...
  2. It looks like it will be a fun ride north...see what happens when they turn the corner as those short chop waves on the bay should be built up by then...either way it will be a fast race with some possible storms blowing thru Saturday night or early Sunday...Stay safe. Looks like this would have been a great year for a fast MAC race...
  3. Saturday looks like a nice SW blow...calling for 10 to 20 with up to 25 in the north land. Supposed also feel like a 100 on Saturday so going to be hot, little cooler on Sunday but not much... Todays local GB news had a story on Menominee/Marinette and face coverings...MI requires them (where the finish is), go across the bridge to Wisconsin they don't. Local Sheriff (Michigan) said they will not arrest anyone not obeying the rules but if needed they can ticket people for trespass if they wont wear mask and wont leave someone's business... He said he does not want an
  4. Saturday and Sunday in GB there calling for 92 and 93...see if that holds together or not but looks like southerly blow to bring it here for the weekend...could be a fast one
  5. For all the Malort lovers out there...u might have watched this (chicago folks) but for those of you who do not know what Malort is...I for one will never forget my 1st one...kinda like black berry brandy in wisco https://youtu.be/q7s16ewP1RU
  6. Everyone has choices weather its to go on a sailboat race or to a bar now days with COVID-19, here in northern Wisconsin I feel more choose the bar and sailing over staying locked down...is it the right choice? We obviously know from this discussion that it yes and no, and you and I will not be able to change that, we can just make our own choices. The things they are making you do for work seem like a very safe way to move forward, I would hope eventually that can be a little more normal for you going forward also.
  7. As you can see lots of people in my area do not care anymore about Covid-19 as they simply want there $$$ for there business, and can you blame them? One side is stay closed and loose your business, other side is get open and do what u can to make money all while keeping people safe. For the last month up in this area it has been then later and people are not dying more than before, there is no rush on the coveted bed and are #'s are staying the same. Will this change? who knows...I can tell you that these owners and workers are doing everything they can to keep people safe. There
  8. Interesting point...not that I don't agree with you. If the headline is a positive one that says its bringing money to the area despite Yacht club not wanting it you might see people show up to support it. Of course the Headline can read Chicago boats bringing Covid to area by the thousands to kill your parents then it might have a different outcome...its in the optics on how its reported. Another thing is that Menominee does not have TV news stations, all is From Green bay/Appleton. GB and Appleton in my opinion will not care and report on something like this. We have Door Coun
  9. The river splits the states Thus the M&M yacht club...Menominee and Marinette Also another quick tip since there so close...in Michigan you pay for can deposit on ur beer $.10, u can also get it back when returning said cans...If Wisconsin you do not have to pay for deposit but can return cans in MI and receive $.10 back...Kramer tried this in Seinfeld episode I believe but was driving from NYC. Easier to do if you live in Menominee Marinette haha
  10. Or they were the ones that supported it once the M&M yacht club backed out... I live up in GB and go thru the area all the time. I doubt the locals will even notice a sailboat race going on that finishes on Sunday Night Thru Monday AM in Menominee, except the ones that would like there business (i.e places right by the Marina) to make some money. On a Friday Night or Sunday afternoon there are more Illinois plates going thru and stopping there for food/gas etc then any Hook Race is going to bring. For example even though Chicago Yacht Club did not want to go to Mackinac Island o
  11. On south to Alaska! Guess someone took the compass while he was at starbucks... The big question if his Samoan friends will be happy to see him again?
  12. and the story continues.... So now whats next for Rimas? does he find food and get towed out again? do they take his boat away when he cant pay for dockage? Does jean come to the rescue again? Does he actually have a way to get his SS $'s....queue music...these are the days of our lives....
  13. Awsome 1st to finish! Congrats GTFP!
  14. WOW, I guess its better then trying to change, just ask the "Rich boat owners" for more because they have it. The logic is amazing these days with politics.
  15. Beautiful time of the year out on good ole lake michigan Rest Of Today Northeast gales to 35 kt increasing to storm force winds to 50 kt late. Rain. Waves 7 to 10 ft building to 14 to 18 ft this afternoon. Tonight North storm force winds to 55 kt. Rain. Waves 20 to 25 ft. Thursday North storm force winds to 50 kt diminishing to gales to 40 kt in the afternoon. Rain in the morning...then a chance of showers. Waves 20 to 25 ft subsiding to 15 to 20 ft. Thursday Night North gales to 40 kt becoming northwest and diminishing to 20 to 25 kt overnight. Chance of showers. Waves subsid
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