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  1. Stu- that's great. It is Euro Trash Girl. I'm the broker, but trying to help my buyer as best I can. Obviously leaving the keel on will save him a bunch. If you could send me that shipping document that would be fantastic; be good to have something for the trucking company as well as my client. Dave@crusaderyachts.com Thanks!
  2. No, my client has an offer in on ETG. He's trying to figure out costs before he responds to the counter from the seller, so I'm trying to give good service and get him some answers! Thanks for your input!
  3. I am looking at trucking a 120 from Annapolis to Michigan. With the 7' draft, has anyone trucked one of these with the keel on? I am told they have been, but would rather hear that from someone who has actually done it. Thanks!
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