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  1. If someone wants to donate money to me and my crew to rip beers and drink rum until we fall over send a PM. Anything helps. God Bless
  2. If the cabin top winches are installed you could rig something to them. Other suggestion would be to go sailing and figure out where the sheets land while you're cruising comfortably and just install them there.
  3. Have you tried posting on the J22 Class website? It's not wildly popular, but people in the know tend to check it every now and then.
  4. This is what the sport needs- free access to easy streaming. Props to everyone involved in getting it to my desk so I can properly slack off.
  5. +1 The Ceasar is the Gold Standard for hangover drinks. Requires actual celery salt rimmer, though.
  6. Sailed there last September...just as hurricane Florence was coming in. Apparently that made shit a little fucked. Great racing, though. Met some dude at the Boatyard who was firing off some tips, but me and the boys were already getting after it, so it's a bit fuzzy. If all else fails win the boat and go left
  7. They're out there, but I'm sure you've seen that the vast majority are set up for OD racing. Best bet is to find one that hasn't been raced aggressively and add the equipment that you want...or find 2 people and come racing.
  8. Anyone have news from the 300? Seeing Flight Simulator RTD with "crew safely aboard USCG vessel"??
  9. Sail number 63348 was brought up to Montréal, Québec this year and is sailing out of Hudson Yacht Club. Formerly known as Flame from the Martha's Vineyard area, now named Stella Maris- don't know the hull number, but has a retractable keel.
  10. Just went through this thread front to back- absolutely stunning work and progress pics FOP. Thanks for taking the time to share them all! Can't wait to see it all finished!
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