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  1. Fully agree but Armel seems to be thinking the same thing and has already said that he will do the next VG on the same boat
  2. I’m not sure I can agree with this point. For me, following the „race before the race“ with all the new designs and then seeing how they perform during the race is a big part of what makes this race so fascinating. And as long as there are enough entries (IIRC this time there were people wanting to do the race than available slots) I don’t see a reason to put a stop to all that. I see the class 40 as the more appropriate class for the „youngsters and small to midsize companies“ while the 60s are the very top of the sport for those who have proven themselves in other classes and have enoug
  3. I can tell you from experience that it's no fun sailing a 420 if you're heavy (we were 155 kg back then). You can start well, have a good upwind leg and still be one of the last boats to reach the downwind mark. Not very motivating to have everyone sail past you and then asking the coach what you could improve on for the downwind legs only to be told that you did nothing wrong, you were just too heavy. When it's blowing however, you'll have a blast.
  4. Nevermind my comment. Just saw that it's all stated in the statement on the VG website. He notified his shore team at 13:46 so he had about three hours until he had to activate his beacon. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/20681/kevin-escoffier-prb-activates-distress-beacon-jean-le-cam-alters-course-to-assist
  5. PRB's position on the tracker is from 14:00 UTC while Le Cam's position is from 16:30 UTC. Maybe he's had issues for longer than we thought?
  6. Don´t know if any of you have seen it already but on Boris Herrmanns webpage there's a nice dashboard with boat data. Espacially for those of you fiddling around with polars this might be interesting. https://www.borisherrmannracing.com/
  7. Rambler 88 also has them, I think there was a discussion in that thread about the benefit / working principle of those but can´t remember what it was. Anyway, since Rambler seems to be performing quite well I guess they must have decided that it works.
  8. Advens for Cybersecurity dropped to fifth place after receiving a 2 hour time penalty according to the TJV website.
  9. The distance between the two has been about 10% of the distance to finish for quite some time now so I also think they´ve still got a chance to make it
  10. Nice video about Thomas Coville´s boat:
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