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  1. Echoes of the past Great Equalizer races!
  2. This is the Mark II version with the 2x4 turned on its side. JM
  3. We had one of the last of the 35-2s. Diesel engine under the cockpit, not under the seat. Great boat we had a lot of fun with racing on Puget Sound. JM
  4. Sloop, NR did South America to port, around Cape Horn and back through the Panama Canal. JM
  5. Bob said it so well. All I can add is Goodbye Doug, my skipper, my friend. jm
  6. For my Martin 241 I have gotten aluminum tubing from Alaskan Copper and Brass, located in Seattle and Portland (I used the PDX one). JM
  7. From what I heard from folks in Anacortes is that the grid structure inside Cassie had quite a bit of damage and would require a major rebuild to repair it. JM
  8. And as my crew has told me, it is the job of Frontierland and Adventureland to make dreams come true.
  9. My first long distance race, Protection Island, was on Improbable the year after this photo was taken. Haji, my condolences to you for your loss. JM
  10. Sailronin, Congratulations on the new boat, you should have a lot of fun with the O29. As for the emergency rudder, I have been talking to others about the best plans and a cassette mounted on the transom with a blade you insert seems to be the way to go lately. You can put the cassette on anytime, but if you wait until it is needed, putting the cassette on and sliding in the blade is easier than trying to mount a blade onto the gudgeons while bouncing around. JM
  11. We did a We did a sail from Friday Harbor back to Deer Harbor after the Shaw Island Classic MANY years ago on Rabbit. We had so many sails up we ran out of sheet winches! JM
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