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  1. I emailed MAXJOE at noon. No response and it is now 8:00 pm
  2. I believe they did use 86.0
  3. For the record, the guy sailing the Aero in Austin used a 9 rig and is a very accomplished Laser / Sunfish sailor. In the Sunfish world qualifier we ran last spring he finished second only to the 4th ranked Sunfish sailor in the world, and not by much. The boat worked better in real gusty, not so shifty wind on Saturday than it did in the more consistent and very shifty wind of Sunday, this compared to the rest of the centerboard fleet that had everything from VX one, IC, AC and Boston Whaler Harpoons. It was good to see it in both extremes. I agree it's a really cool boat and on my watch list
  4. Laser is 91.6 and Aero should be about 86, both Portsmouth. The boat in Austin this weekend looked pretty good and very well sailed. Flying Scot off the wind is faster with and without kite. Aero goes to weather like a Dutchman.
  5. I usually have to pay a hefty hourly fee to hear this kind of grandstanding and one-upmanship, but here we get it for free.
  6. I think Gouv's comment comes with a little sarcasm...
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