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  1. No but it is going to open up quickly. I'm currently in a quandry because racing is going to start two weeks after Memorial Day and there are still enough cases in Fairfield County to make doing so a risky proposition - cooped up with 3 other guys on a boat for a few hours.
  2. I've been trying to understand all the moving parts of the trimming of sails on the fractionally rigged sloop rig that I sail on (Atlantic Class). I've been watching videos all winter and was thinking I should be able to create or find a workflow that will help with decision-making at my end of the boat (jib trimmer, and halyard tension) in a series of If-then thoughts. Such as: If the upper jib tell-tale is stalling before the lower two, ease the sheet a fraction if the boat is pointing well, otherwise check the halyard tension and position of the jib car. Otherwise how does
  3. Sunfish all the way. Easy to rig up, about 5 minutes if you are slow as you can keep the sail/spars furled on the deck and if your second passenger is a child, it'll be perfect. Of course two adults is problematic but if that is a requirement then you are looking at a Vanguard 15 or larger, which is harder to rig in 10 minutes and requires a dolly or 2nd adult to lift it into the water. I'm never sure about the Vanguard 15 without a jib because the forestay is the jib, and if it is windy enough to sail mainsail alone then I'd be somewhat concerned about the mast falling over.
  4. Well I need my sailx fix, it really sucks that is just went under completely. So now all we have is Virtual Regatta Inshore. Any other racing simulators to be aware of?
  5. It's probably covered in ice and snow now anyway. I hope if it is in the water that you've got someone looking after it!
  6. I think as you get older, plus the knowledge of what the sun does to your body absolutely having a roof of some sort is very nice. I just sold my Miata to my son, I just couldn't take having the roof down on most days during the summer, it became an morning/evening in the summers only. Fortunately the Miatas all have very easy roofs to put up and down. I can't say the same about most dodgers! (plus when stowed they are ugly, unlike the Miatas)
  7. As a crew I am very happy that there is more demand for my services than supply of fellow sailors. I can get a ride any weekend and often have to turn down multiple skippers each week, not that I am every happy to do that as I know they struggle sometimes to find regular crew. There is no way in this situation that I would ever have to pay to sail... in fact one skipper has offered to pay my club membership if I agree to sail exclusively on his boat all summer. I just figure it is a cost of being a boat owner, one that a prospective skipper should be aware of before buying a racing sailb
  8. RS Aero. Either that or if back problems are that bad then give it up and sit shoreside drinking the pain away.
  9. Easiest, perhaps but still a hell of a lot of complication and hardly anything like a cruiser. The UFO thread is so many pages long as people try to get the hang of them, it isn't at all like hopping aboard any other dinghy and going for a sail. Hell, most people don't seem to be able to foil them at all without constantly coming off the foils or tipping over.
  10. Anyone know if SailX is done for good? I was just singing its praises at a nationals event and now I go to log in and it redirects to some other site. Kind of a shame, though to be honest I hadn't been using it for quite some time. It was a good tool for learning the rules.
  11. My father has a sizeable boat babysitting service out of Naples and he'd encouraged me to get my Captain's license so that I could come down and take it over when he was ready to more fully retire. I started looking into what it would take and realized that there would be no way as a weekend sailor that I could amass enough days on the water during racing season to accumulate my hours/days. I think I could not skip a single weekend day or midweek event, and that was just never going to happen. By the time my career got to the point where I could get enough hours he'd be quite a few years
  12. I think simulators have value. As a younger man I played a lot of flight simulators. When I was getting into radio control airplanes I used the flight sim to get a handle on how things would work when viewing a plane from a distance. On my first flight my instructor had a few habits to correct but otherwise couldn't believe how well I flew the plane, landing it not far from our feet. I can't speak for the accuracy of this specific sailing simulator but I can say that they definitely have some value in giving a newbie at least some idea about how a sailboat works. Perhaps not enough to let
  13. Just a few years ago I was looking at these boats, they seemed really awesome! I think I'm still on one of their mailing lists. $1,600 is a steal if it comes with everything needed to get sailing.
  14. Don't know. The more I play it, the worse I'm thinking of it. I need to go back to SailX and get with the 3-D viewer. At least that runs without lag and has some incredible competition. The only thing that scares me is a) the crowds and b) the protest room!
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