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  1. I'm sure there's a great story about how you were wronged and now can't get access. I wonder how many people really care about this "deception" . I would think having a world class sailing GP tour might be a good thing for our sport? Sorry if I offended, wasn't calling you a cunt just saying you were acting cuntish. In the Aussie friendly way. ;-)
  2. I couldn't care less if it was live or delayed. The racing was very entertaining and the broadcast on YouTube readily available in Canadiaistan. Try being less of a cunt every now and then and see if page views go up. I know you're not like that IRL.
  3. TR coming by you rn. Need a tow off the beach? well I spoke too soon
  4. Thanks for all the updates TR. Well done to all the competitors. Looking forward to the next lap.
  5. I too have given up on trying to be competitive. I got into the ice a week ago that put me back 3000 spots. Crawled back to just under 3k and dipped into the ice straightlining 2 nights ago. Noticed if you put your waypoints too far apart the line bends in random spots, lost another 2000 spots. Thought I'd learned my lesson and made sure i had lots of room between my track and the red line, left the game for 40 mins and woops gragged below the line again. I dont understand how YM does it. His track paints the line green straight as an arrow. This might be my last race. Everytime I get comforta
  6. Posted on the VR forum from the "team" Vector Moderator Moderator 155 posts Posted 1 hour ago As you have noticed, we are having technical problems with our servers. It is designed to compensate for missed iterations during this type of downtime, it might look annoying on the interface, but all information and programs are safe. we are looking into the issue and hope to be back online soon ... thank you for your patience and sorry for any inc
  7. you know you're in my rear view as well. and eveyone else's.
  8. Yup saw that right after. Best to just sail optimum angles for now I guess,
  9. Anyone experiencing issues with the game RN. The boat that moves in real time has somehow launched way ahead of the position boat which hasn't seemed to move for the past 30 mins. it has me well in front of the west leaders, Toppen, Ghost busters and the gang. I'll take the spot but think it's in error. Sent an email into the game and recycled the app on my PC several times. Very strange.
  10. todays route, I thought I was smarter than the computer couple of days ago and went from right next to YM and the gang to 15 miles back chasing my gut. I'm gonna go with science for a bit. I'm sure I'll have other opportunities to roll the dice later in the game. I'm used to puttin 556 in both feet BTW
  11. http://www.seaboats.net/new-build-9m-sport-sailing-yacht-.-xidp1423978.html Are these the new FT? Same yard?
  12. Shaggy, or anyone on this thread. Is there a consensus as to the differences in performance, build quality, seaworthiness between the 12.50 and the Pogo 50. If you were to do extended cruising with the odd long distance race thrown in what would be your choice. Lets assume you can afford either boat but could live aboard either as well. I think I'm trying to understand is, for the extra length and room below do you give away race performance. The results for the 12.50 are becoming more and more encouraging well I have not seen a 50' record any finishes of note.
  13. Hey Scott, Did I read a good sportsman like congradulations in your post anywhere to the boys (and 13 yr old girl) on Plankton, all three of them. You bought an OD boat so I don't understand all the ratings BS going on here. FYI if you want to sail faster don't have your pro's out till the wee hours boozin it up. I think flats of beer and Bloodys the morning of are not speed enhancing. Everytime you win it's well deserved, when you don't just tip your hat and figure out where you gave it away. I'd bet ya you did not work your boat around that course as much as the Viper crew did.
  14. and how does that make you feel.....
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